set list

any requests for the set on march 12 so i can get the computer organised before rehearsal? it's basically up to us how long we play, so i reckon 40-45mins would be good. let me know what tracks you're all burning to play and i shall get them ready.


Eliza said...

Mmm, 40 minutes minimum! If it's up to us we should go as long as we can - we don't often get the choice.

I Can Hear's a given. I'm also loving The Tail End Of Winter at the moment. Wow, I can't remember our songs! It's been so long! Umm... Belafonte? Aeowyn? Time To Move The Nest?

ajebec said...

i went ahead and constructed a set of sorts myself in the absence of any input from you slackers. happily, most of those tracks you listed are in it, ellie, except for time to move the nest, but we can always fit that in, too.

Eliza said...

Well, I think the fact that I managed to reply within a week of the original post shows some improvement on my part.