the bendy bus goes to ryde

well, the spacia doesn't actually bend, but i always liked the alliteration of 'bendy bus' so i thought i'd put that in the title. our set-up time on friday evening is 5:30 and our sound check is at 6. so the spacia will probably leave our place at about 4:45ish, i would imagine. if anyone needs a lift, be here then. ellie - i told joe you probably won't be there for set up, but maybe for soundcheck. however, it' not a huge problem if you can't do any. what times are you likely to be able to do (the gate being at ryde)?


Eliza said...

I can get to Ryde in 15 minutes so I'll be there for set-up at 5:30. I'll drive straight from work.

ajebec said...

excellent. shall i assume everyone else will be here at 4:45?

Cherry said...