Sleeping With The Fishermen

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released december 1, 2011

Telafonica's 'Sleeping With The Fishermen' is a sprawling project with this album as its centrepiece. Over 7 tracks and 49 minutes, the Sydney based 5-piece continues their electronic and acoustic explorations, meshing traditional songs with wide-screen production, improvisation and experimentalism. The tracks draw inspiration from the overground, underground and all points in between, from Sufjan Stevens to Animal Collective, Feist to LCD Soundsystem, My Cat Is An Alien to Tamaru. Thrown into the Telafonica blender, those sounds emerge at the other end as abstract pop. They range from the 15 minute album bookends, 'Viceroy' and 'The Tail End Of Winter' which explore building atmospheres and groove based soundscapes, to 'The Unravelling Man's 90 second blast of electro squawl; the massed harmonies of 'I Can Hear There's A Piece In The Dark' and 'There's Something About Your Face'; and 'Heartbeatings For Those With Heartbeats' and 'To Me' with their mixes of noise, melody and groove.

The 'Sleeping With The Fishermen' project also includes 7 individual, free-download, commissioned remix EPs (so far, these have included mixes by Jonathan Boulet, Sounds Like Sunset, Sleepyhands, Actual Russian Brides, Dave McCormack (Custard) and St Jambience amongst many others, with more to come), 7 art films and a free download collection of fan mixes, created via the original stems which are being made public for anyone to download and manipulate. Released monthly, these have been finding their way into the world since September 2011 and will continue into 2012. Keep updated via the band's website.

'Sleeping With The Fishermen' is released internationally by 4-4-2 Music and is now available via Telafonica's Bandcamp page. There are 3 formats – a regular CD version housed in a custom made Agarto pack from Stumptown Printers with artwork, including fold out, hand screen printed poster, designed by Telafonica founder, the now London-based designer David Hughes; a deluxe Box Set Limited Edition which includes the album, all the remixes, all the films, extra outtakes and B-sides and custom hand crafted artwork; and digital download. Bandcamp links can be found on the 4-4-2 Music website, or at telafonica.bandcamp.com, with digital downloads from Bandcamp or any internationally recognised download site including iTunes, Amazon, etc etc.


1. viceroy
2. the unravelling man
3. heartbeatings for those with heartbeats
4. i can hear there's a peace in the dark
5. there's something about your face
6. to me
7. the tail end of winter

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