TELAFONICA16 - February

Throughout 2016, the members of Telafonica will embark on a mission of each writing and recording a new song every month. Sometimes they won't succeed, but the ones that do get recorded will be released each month. There will be no restrictions on style or form, just the freedom to try anything out as each member sees fit. They might get others in the band to help out, or get other friends to help them out, or just go it completely alone. At the end of the year, the band will look back through the collection and see what themes, both musical and lyrical, have arisen, and use these as the basis of a new album in 2017. Think of it as the box-set bonus disc of your favourite album, except you get it before you get the actual album.

The first release features two tracks which can be streamed now, or purchased from the 4-4-2 Music website.

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