New Release from The Unified Theory Of Everything


Sometime in 1991, a few songs fell off the back of a truck and ended up seeping down a drain to find a comfortable place in obscurity. 30 years later, on an urban exploration trip to find sites for vacuous political graffiti, The Unified Theory Of Everything stumbled across the songs slinking in a dark corner. Slipping them into a back pocket, they were then forgotten for a few months until chancing across them while cleaning out lint from a particularly fluffed up basket of washing. Taking them out to the garage in the backyard, the songs were brought to life in true lockdown isolation style. Meticulously recorded, one instrument at a time, trying desperately to sound like a band from another time and another place, the songs have finally been given their place in the sunlight as blasts of blissful shoegaze guitardelica. 

Streaming on all streaming services. Download available for free on Bandcamp with bonus B-side.

The Unified Theory Of Everything is a side project of Adrian's.

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