content, blogtent and telatent.

i had an idea whilst standing in the shower this morning. i figured the actual telafonica website probably doesn't get too much traffic through it these days and, compared with how the blog thing is set out, seems a little clunky now in this day and age of web 2.0, where you have to go through a few menus to get to things. so i was wondering how to maybe get more of the content from there onto the blog, and had the idea that if, for example, i created a post for a release, that post could then be forever accessed via a link to that specific post, so even when it rolls of the main page of the blog, if we linked from the sidebar, via the little pictures of all our releases that are already there, then all the content for each release is always just one layer below the main blog page and quite easily accessable. i figure this is a good idea and would then free up telafonica.com for the possible art based site. or, if that's not going to happen, we could even just redirect telafonica.com to the blog page and save having to filter through kindpermission.com. so, by using the sidebar, any content at all can be just one layer away. that's no doubt not a huge revelation to most people, but i never put it together in my head before, and i think it's quite a good idea.

the only issue is the left hand side image - when you click directly into a single posting, it goes to the blogger page without coming through our front end, so the image is not there. is there any way around this?

i started with the entry below for dos to see how it might work. it's pretty much a straight cut and paste from telafonica.com. i don't think the link from the sidebar thumbnail is working on it yet, i'll get onto that.


ajebec said...

haha - i fixed the problem myself! i worked out that if you don't link it to open on a new page, it opens up with the image still in place. it's all working nicely. i think it just needs a link on the right hand side somewehere to go back to the main page when you go off on any of the tangents.

Marcella said...

I think this is a great idea. Though I think the side image is a bad idea (yes - I remember that it was my idea). Maybe you should just ditch it and use the telafonica.blogspot address. Then you could just use the dot com for promo / redirection.

Marcella said...

oh - and that last comment was made by david - not marcella.

ajebec said...

i actually quite like the image down the side - it stops the whole thing from looking like a generic blog page. at the moment, it all works fine as is - the only issue is that i tried to put a return to the main page button on the right (returning to kindpermission.com/telafonica) it loads up the whole thing again - i.e. you get two copies of the picture down the left). i'll keep playing around and see if there's an alternative. but, all things considered, i'd be keen to keep the side image.

(oh, and on a completely different note, bec liked the macbook so much she decided to get something to work on for herself - we ended up getting a g4 powerbook, as she only really needs word processing and internet connection - for $600. so it's macs all round in the elmer house. as a side benefit, we can most likely use it for visuals etc as well.)