Art Groupie (2008)

for more details on the Art Groupie (2008) compilation visit Groovescooter Records.
released september 26, 2008

Following the success of the 2006 Art Groupie show, the fine folk at Groovescooter Records expanded for the 2008 version, with over 30 artists and their artworks. That, of course, means that the compilation discs were expanded as well, into a double CD set. Featuring hand painted and stamped artwork from Paris at Groovescooter, the discs were originally only available as freebies at the opening of the exhibition. Disc One is the mellower of the two, while Disc Two features more raucous and up-tempo offerings. That's where you'll find Telafonica's 'Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel", slightly edited and segued expertly with the tracks around it. In fact, this attention to detail in the programming makes this a remarkably cohesive listening collection considering the diverse range of sounds across the two discs.

Disc One
1. Amanda Stewart - Residue
2. Amanda Cole - Vibraphone Theory II
3. O||O - That Sound
4. Peret Mako - The Plot Thickens
5. iota - Drop Down Angels
6. Nicola Schultz - Shih
7. Steve Kilbey - Wolfe
8. All India Radio - Persist
9. Night Radio - Maps In The Sky
10. Melanie Horsnall - Lovers Home
11. Zeal - Yumi And The Sky
12. Heidi Elva - Nothing Is What It Seems
13. Mick Turner - Neither Here Nor There

Disc Two
1. The Hoo-Haas - Hick Up 'Ere
2. Caroline Kennedy - Meer Acken
3. Gustoclout - Car Of Idiots
4. Ben Ely's Radio 5 - I'm Psyched
5. Danger Of Death - Nancy Boy (Hot Plate Mixdown)
6. Cherry2000 - Feel Like A Man
7. Telafonica - Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel
8. Justin Cooper - Refused Morning
9. The Dub Dentist - The Dark Side
10. Deprogram - Monkey
11. Toy Death - Smothered Love
12. Kristofir - The Information Booth
13. Don Meers - Ghost Train (Mothloop Remix)
14. Forenzics - Submariner
15. Volume=Colour - Passing Signs

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