fluffy rabbit

i (along with, but separate to, blake) have been working on some remixes over the past few weeks. i think i might begin to just randomly find these kinds of things via myspace etc and do them. i've decided it might be a good way to try out ideas relatively quickly and get them out, and then see the results to see if the ideas are worth pursuing in our own music down the track. i just finished one last night for a guy called tidy kid. it's now on both our myspace page (because that's where he asked for them to be to initially hear them) and on the virb page (because that's where i'm putting everything!). there's a bit of a write-up with it on the virb page. tidy kid normally doesn't do cheesy stuff, but some of the samples given for this remix are quite cheesy. i mostly disregarded them and make something else.

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