live set up idea

i've been toying with the idea of running everything we do live through the mixing desk - a little like we did for that gig up in newcastle, blake. so i've bought a pickup for the autoharp and installed it, and will look into contact mic-ing other things like the typewriter, toy piano etc in the next few weeks. the obvious instrument that might not enjoy that so much is the guitar, though. however, i've noticed that logic pro has this - http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/plug-ins/ - a bunch of amp modellers etc. does your version include something like that? if so, we could run your guitar without an amp while still getting a great (perhaps even better than now) sound.


monday bridge

justin zeltzer, who hosts the bridge on fbi on monday nights, has asked us if we'd like to go in next monday night. the bridge is an all sydney music show from 8-9. we'd be guest programming, so filling up the hour with our favourite sydney music, and we can play some live things if we'd like. i've already said yes. who's coming in with me?


dos on bandcamp

i thought i'd set up a bandcamp site for our music - it's a nice looking site that i've come across that a few different artists i like have used. it basically means you can put the music up and people can download it. you can set whatever price you like, or make it free or, the option i've chosen, where the downloader can choose their own price, including for free. it also makes the music available in pretty much any format, including lossless formats. so i started at the beginning with dos (though i forgot about our first demo disc - should we put that up online?)

so head over here to see what all the fuss is about, or just stream the whole thing below. you can also click on the dos cover over in the telafonica releases thing on the left, and i've added those details to the entry for it.

<a href="http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/dos">Everything Is Green (Except The Way I Feel) by telafonica</a>


home and hosed

hey blake - have you seen this?


2rrr not to be confused with 3rrr

i got this from mel today (mel being our friend who regularly comes to our gigs, djs at bandwidth etc)...

>Hey Adrian
>When could I get you and maybe a couple of other of you lot into the radio show? It's >on 2RRR in Ryde and airs Saturdays 8pm to 11pm. It'd be good to do it close to some >major Telafonica event or Bandwidth or something.

should we maybe see if we can go in on the saturday before the gig on the 21st? or some other time?


new ideas

blake and i have been discussing the idea of putting out another free download single. we were thinking maybe of an edit of 'i can't make you love me' (the intro edited down a bit, basically). fbi have been playing it a bit and it makes reasonable sense as a single. for the extra tracks, i was thinking perhaps of using up some of the songs we have backlogged, but which probably wouldn't otherwise get developed. things like 'monday. wednesday, sunday' and 'scarecrow in the melon patch'. they're songs that would have a similar feel to 'i can't make you love me'. they need polishing, though, especially in the vocal department. blake also suggested some live things - i thought maybe the live version of belafonte from the last fbi radio appearance. any other suggestions? it's a single, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a cohesive whole - but we thought maybe this time use some of our own things rather than remixes.

i would also really like to do a 3 track ep of the electronic things i started over january - http://telafonica.blogspot.com/2010/01/more-electronica.html and http://telafonica.blogspot.com/2010/01/some-electronic-music.html. i'd love to have some vocal things happening - especially in the last of those. probably more abstract kinds of vocals. i'd love them to then be released on a 3" cd-r which is attached to old floppy disc cases via a foam dot. the artwork would all exist just on the sticker on the floppy disc and on the actual disc itself. any thoughts?...



no room for telafonica on the australian music prize shortlist.


MILF at the World Bar, Friday Feb. 5

Well, from the band's perspective, I would rate this one just a notch above playing next door at Candy's Urine Soaked Apartment and being asked to stop after 3 songs because they were running out of time.
After we took all our gear to the very top floor, we were not made to feel welcome at all. One of the other bands were set up, playing around and parading and the sound guy, Scott, was fawning all over them. Our worksheet had been specific about the times we were to set up and that we would do a sound check but we were not given one. Scott was unhelpful, uninterested and, I'm so sorry to be so frank, unintelligent in the sound department. He text-messaged for half of our new song "I Can Hear There's a Peace in the Dark" while the vocals were turned completely off. In the end Adrian had to shout over some friend that Scott was greeting with a hug to get his attention to turn the vocals on.
We were made to start forty minutes late because the room "wasn't full enough" and so halfway through our set we were competing with the bass line and rhythms from the floor below that were vibrating heavily through our feet.
It was such an unwelcoming shocker of an experience that I am not as sorry as I should be that I accidentally played the other band's cymbals instead of ours (which drew from Scott a mid-gig remonstrance in Blake's ear - wasn't even paying enough attention to speak to the right band member.)
The real joy is to be with Telafonica and that Cherry was there and that Matt Wakeling came to see us play and help us get out of that dreadful place as fast as we could.
And we finally got to introduce Cherry to our midnight feast at La Ziko's and Matt came along too so there was definitely joy to be had.
We have had so many nice experiences at the World Bar, it's a shame to give it a bad review. Ellie said she saw the sound guy from downstairs at Mum while we were there - now there is a sound guy! Maybe Scott should go and learn from a professional. Or maybe not be a sound guy. Yeah, definitely not be a sound guy. He'd have more time for himself that way. It would be a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Set List

I Can't Make You Love Me
Smells like Rain
I Can Hear There's a Peace in the Dark
The Unravelling Man
Time to move the Nest


stephenfox e-single

4-4-2 Music e-Single of the Month Club
Volume Five - Number One
January, 2010

A. House On Fire
B. Boat At Sea

stephenfox crawls out of his London bedsit with two understated, yearning acoustic entreaties. A-side 'House On Fire' uses classic 60s licks undermined by fuzzed out vocals and melancholy minimalism. B-side 'Boat At Sea' heads straight for instrumental beauty, flicking discords at the gentle tape hiss as he picks out his solo guitar duel.

download full release (.wav version + artwork) - 55mb
download mp3s - 7mb
download individual files




if everyone remembers, we were going to do a gig on january 16 at the excelsior for the wreckovery series, but then the excelsior cancelled it because they decided they wanted to devote their summer sundays to 'acoustic sessions'. well, the acoustic sessions are a flop and they've asked ant if he would consider doing wreckovery again. so, the gig from jan 16 will now take place on feb 28. it's an early sunday arvo deal. i've already said yes and figure whoever can join me we'll work around that - the more, the better.



friday practicalities

we're playing in the new upstairs room from 9:30. we can start loading in from 8 and soundcheck is from 8:45. i'm thinking that if we try to get there at about 8:30, that should cover it. should we aim to leave a bit after 7:30? maybe 7:45?

also, as with last time, there's a $5 door list - anyone who puts their name on it gets in for $5 instead of $15 and we get that $5. so tell anyone who might want to come and let me know and i'll put their name down.