Karoshi / Ah! Pandita split 7"

7" split single from Karoshi and Ah! Pandita can be bought via Bandcamp. When you purchase the 7" vinyl, you also receive the tracks as digital downloads, plus 5 remixes, including one by Telafonica.

<a href="http://karoshi.bandcamp.com/album/sleepwalker-gone-missing-split-7-with-ah-pandita">Sleepwalker / Gone Missing - Split 7&quot; with Ah! Pandita by karoshi</a>

Split 7" release from Karoshi and Ah! Pandita, both coming from Canberra, Australia these days. Both sides could be considered dark lullabies, soothing and melodic on the surface with darker currents bubbling below.

The release is only available on glorious 7" vinyl. BUT, once you send your payment, you'll gain access to not just the physical release, but a mountain of digital goodies by way of the two original tracks plus 5 remixes from the likes of Telafonica, Vorad Fils, Loopsnake, StephenFox and Karoshi himself. These push the tracks into new vistas of ambience and abstract beats. These can be downloaded in your choice of MP3, lossless FLAC or any number of file formats to suit all tastes.

A. Karoshi - Sleepwalker feat. PJ Wolf
B. Ah! Pandita - Gone Missing

bonus downloads
3. Ah! Pandita - Gone Missing (Loopsnake's Delicate Mess)
4. Ah! Pandita - Gone Missing (Karoshi Remix)
5. Karoshi - Sleepwalker feat. PJ Wolf (Vorad Fils Remix)
6. Karoshi - Sleepwalker feat. PJ Wolf (StephenFox Remix)
7. Karoshi - Sleepwalker feat. PJ Wolf (Telafonica Remix)

The Telafonica remix basically keeps the structure of the song as is, just flying some of the later backing vocals in as a hook up front. All the original instrumentation has been removed apart from a synth bass line, which has then been processed, bit-crushed, distorted, pitch shifted and layered numerous times to provide the harmonic information, while a new drum beat was created which flits between straight and triplet timing from bar to bar.


just like now - nov 7, 2010

soundclash again

the soundclash grant is open again. which is good news as it means the australia council sees it has benefit. it was originally there as a kind of 'see how it goes' type thing, but it must have had positive feedback.

anyway, we should apply. remembering that you can't apply for money for equipment! and the project is for march of next year on. which might tie in nicely with the timing for a new telafonica album or two. though you can't apply for money for cd pressing. but you can use it for things like vinyl pressing, or maybe packaging (i just got the deluxe edition of underworld's new album and it's truly beautiful). or touring costs. or something else more creative than the stock standard costs. like commissioning a dvd/film for a whole album (like anton cornijn's 'linear' for u2's last album). we've got a couple of months until the deadline in early december, but it would be good to have something definitive and concrete. and a bit ambitious, i think.


has something gone wrong around here?

no posts for far too long. it really must be a hiatus.

we have a gig in a few weeks time and if we'd like to get some new things ready, as blake said, we should have a few rehearsals. any preferences for times? i'm free most nights except every second wednesday (this week being one of those), and the next 2 fridays.

i have booked the red rattler theatre for sunday, november 7. telafonica, lessons in time (?), karoshi, st jambience will be playing, and hopefully andy rantzen will do something in some guise, as might andrew maxam/loopsnake. i've also been talking with marcus whale and we're thinking it might be a good opportunity to launch the 3" cd-r ep on his curt label at the event. i'm reviving the 'just like now' moniker for the thing.

the tibet benefit thing looks like it will include telafonica, that's on saturday, november 27.