set list

any requests for the set on march 12 so i can get the computer organised before rehearsal? it's basically up to us how long we play, so i reckon 40-45mins would be good. let me know what tracks you're all burning to play and i shall get them ready.



what do people think of this concept? http://www.indiegogo.com/. the basic idea is that you register and tell people about your thing and they pledge the money. but what might work, which lots of the projects do, is that rather than people just giving money, you can actually set it up so that they receive a product for their money. so it would work like a presale idea. so, for example, you can ask people to give $10 each and, once the project is complete, they receive a copy of the cd you're making, or whatever it is. i was thinking it might be a good way to get some funds for the dvd/album thing that sam and josiah are working on, in case the ozco grant doesn't get granted to us. or, even if it does, it could be a way to increase the funds available.

any thoughts?


blogs and rehearsals

a little bit of loving over at this rather great blog (who also bother to make their own, nicely enigmatic images for each of their posts) called east to west. check it out here.

on a different note - the karoshi launch gig is in 4 weeks and we're playing a 40/45 minute set. all 5 of us haven't been in the same room to make music since november, so it might be a good idea to get a couple of practices in. are we going to do anything new - there's something about your face? when is it good for everyone to practise? what nights of the week?


I Can Hear There's A Peace In The Dark

I Can Hear There's A Peace In The Dark is available for free download. Click here.
Released February 14, 2011

The EverythingIsChemical Virtual 7” train really gets moving with the second for the year and the 5th overall. Hot on the heels of RxGibbs' 3 tracks of ambient dream pop comes all new music from Australia's Telafonica.

The A-side is an all new original track - 'I Can Hear There's A Piece In The Dark'. Low-key, shoe-gaze verses make way for the joyous outbreak of soaring 5-part harmonies in the choruses (the first recording featuring all 5 of the band's current live line-up). Evoking feelings of waking at 3am amidst the tranquility of suburbia, the song is both celebratory and melancholy. This is the single version and is a preview of the band's new album, Sleeping With The Fishermen, which is slated for release in mid-2011 through 4-4-2 Music. Check out the video clip as well, streamable from the EverythingIsChemical website.

The B-sides find a couple of cover tracks in keeping with one of the original ideas for the Virtual 7” series. The first is 'Like The 309', the last song Johnny Cash ever wrote, which he recorded in the months before his death and was released posthumously on his American V : A Hundred Highways album in 2006. Telafonica push the original's jaunty country feel through a wash of abstract autoharp atmosphere and deep electronic bass pulses, with Eliza Magill's vocals floating delicately over the top. The second B-side is a special Valentine's Day bonus, conceived and recorded after the release date of February 14 was set for the single. The crisp production of INXS's 'Need You Tonight' is replaced by Telafonica's murky tangle of lo-fi rhythms, xylophone and mandolin. Phased vocals remain upfront with those 5 voices again featuring in the call and response sections.

Visit EverythingIsChemical.com


i can hear there's our song on the radio.

i can hear there's a peace in the dark has been playlisted on fbi - http://www.fbiradio.com/content.php/1132.html.
you'll need to go to the 11/2 playlist if you're looking after this week, and it will be on that page for 4 weeks (after which time, i assume you'd need to go directly to their soundcloud page). it's the last track on the list, so you do need to scroll down on the playlist.



i can hear there's a peace in the dark

Video clip created for the single 'I Can Hear There's A Peace In The Dark' to be released exclusively by EverythingIsChemical.com

The original idea was developed from a small series of films, using upside-down scenery, called 'Horizon Shift' by StephenFox (http://www.thisisnotmybrain.blogspot.com/).

Inspiration was also taken from Michael Snow's 1967 film, 'Wavelength' as well as Andy Warhol's minimalist films, all if which amplify every small action, as not much actually takes place.

Filmed and edited by Samantha Lee (http://vimeo.com/user4981014).