To Me Remixes

To Me Remixes is available for free (or pay what you like) download via Bandcamp.

'To Me', the 6th track from Telafonica's 'Sleeping With The Fishermen' album, becomes the 6th track to receive the full reworking treatment. Lunar Module keeps the vocal arrangement intact, but splices it onto a piece of nu-nu-wave synth-pop heaven. Limetipe goes all electronic moody, throwing out pretty much everything but a few little blips to create an enigmatic opus. Underlapper cast Telafonica in their own image, twisting the pop into dark moods highly reminiscent of their most recent album - Softly Harboured. Lessons In Time creates a whole new version, literalising the sounds of sleeping in dust with dirt on his brain (and, yes, Lessons In Time's Blake is also in Telafonica, but he didn't have much input into the original version, so chose this track as it was the one his Lessons In Time could most easily approach from the outside).

If you would like to create your own remix of To Me, the original stems can be downloaded for free at www.archive.org/details/telafonica-to-me. download these, create your own remix and send it to contact@4-4-2music.com. We will post all remixes on another Bandcamp page and split any pay what you like earnings 50/50.

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