sound quality again

a link to the actual listenable version of the show.

i'm also thinking it might be good to come over sometime this week so we can start to get these final tracks ummm...finalised. when are you free?

also, i still haven't got the individual loops for the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist so that i can play with it in cubase - could i possibly get them?


rain, hail or shine

ok. so the vic on the park is on for november 10. we're first on, at 8 for 30-40 mins. i've asked carlos if he wants to come along - he's also painting at berkelow in glebe on the same night so probably won't be able to. i'd really like to build more of a collection of artists - do you guys know anyone else that might be suitable?

if it's minus 2/3rds, i was thinking i would mostly stick to musical stuff, which may mean a few more of the older tracks than we've been doing recently, but that's ok. this is the new thing would be nice to do in some form, i might play around and see what can be done in terms of a remix version live.


vic on the park

are you two free and desirous of doing a gig and the vic on the park in newtown on saturday, november 10? it's with a band from melbourne called dandelion wine (http://www.myspace.com/aninexactscience). apparently they are friends with julian from bleepin' j squawkins and he recommended us to them when they told him they were after another band to play with them.

only issue we need to let them know fairly soon, so if you could let me know either way, that would be good. i'm keen.


sound quality

tim ritchie will be playing this is the new thing on his sound quality show on radio national this friday night (from 11:20). and then it can also be listened to online for 4 weeks. the web page is here. with a little luck it might be apra week - national radio play is worth a little bit. i also stumbled across an archive of the sun sets on the age of the instrumentalist having been played on jjj (from the feral media compilation).


girl, cat and bear

i think this is possibly my favourite carlos barrios painting ever, and it was largely created on the stage of the cat and fiddle. not a bad gig all up. got us (well, david), back into enjoying gigs and also produced some good art.

i was just thinking about our gigs this year the other day. i think they've all been fairly enjoyable, and not a single one has been in front of what we could regard as our regular crowd. i've enjoyed that aspect of playing in front of people i don't know!

sent off a bunch of promos to 2ser, 3rrr and a couple to individuals around the planet. there's been a reasonable amount of airplay on fbi so far, though they didn't playlist anything, which i was a bit disappointed with - thought they might have liked something on there. but i'm very happy to keep plugging it around the place.


listening in for static

i've been listening to and working on some of our recordings over the last few days (i've finally had a chance to get back to them!). in particular, i've been thinking about listening in for static. i've had a few goes at recording the vocals and i have to say that i'm not particularly happy with how they sound. it's right at the top of my range and it's fairly obvious at times that i'm quite struggling to do it. last night, i thought that - hey, we're looking for more vocal input from marcella, this is pretty much out of my range, it's too difficult to drop the pitch so i can do it, why not see if it suits marcella? it might be low for marcella, but i'm hoping it's ok as it really is right at the top for me. have a sing along and see what you think. the lyrics are in an earlier blog post if you need them. the type of song that it is could also mean that, if it does work for marcella's range, there is the potential for it to be one of those songs that she can let loose, a la heartland, dust etc.

saturday was great - the monstrous now are one of my favourite bands to listen to live. we sold a few cds - probably enough to just about cover the costs, so now we can start getting some money back for them. i'm looking forward to playing with them at powwow, even though we have pretty much nothing in common with them sonically!

how was cloud control? what did they do with the venue - did they open the upstairs section up?


The Tracks I played on friday

Euro Vs Dollar(Pski edit) - Octet
I Need Ya - Lopazz
(Hey You)What's that Sound - Les Rythmes Digitales
Astounded (mix by Demon) - Bran Van 3000
Bubble Poppin' - Harco Pront
Birth School Work Death - Manhead
Cherrybomb - Caribou
Panther Dash - The Go! Team
I Am A Witness(The Strike Boys Danger Dub) - The Strike Boys
Astro Travellin - Quasimoto
Loud Pipes - Ratatat
Git - Skeletons & the Girl Faced Boys
Bastronic - Cosmo Vitelli
I Need Your Love - The Rapture
Det snurrar i min skalle (Cat Burglar Remix) - Familjen
Det snurrar i min skalle (Mike Downey Remix) - Familjen
Neverland - The Knife
Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
But For You - Matthew Dear
Les Yper-Sound - Stereolab (from the Four Tet DJ Kicks album)

(yep, no telafonica)


the royal we.

so how did we go last night?

a big shout to jack shit - he's played telafonica on his show on fbi for 3 weeks running now!


creating a buzz around telafonica

seems that maybe trying d.i. boxes with a ground switch might be a good way to go. we have had situations where there's been no hum, and thinking about it, they were a while ago before we were using the current desk and therefore were sending the laptop directly to the foh mixing desk. maybe the times it worked fine was because we were going into d.i. boxes.

do you have time to come over during the week? because i know it hums out in my studio, so i can borrow a couple of d.i.s and we can test it out there to see if it works. apparently an external soundcard might also help, but that's a much more expensive option.

i don't think the positioning of the power supply in our case is relevant. it's happened often and with the power supply in all sorts of positions.


Does this make any sense to you?

I'm freaking out a little about 'the noise' tonight... trying to work out if there's anything i can do.


united visual artists

have you ever seen the work of these guys?

hmmm. mid thread conversations....


i heard theme from s-express on a movie last night - i've always wanted to play that out to a bunch of people. do you have it? i've got it on cd.

i also have a thing i did a few years back where i soundforged a bunch of tracks together, i would like to use the beginning of that which blends radiohead's airbag with public enemy's don't believe the hype, then into slip inside this house by primal scream. i'm not showing my age am i?

i'm pretty sure i can install software onto the laptops. we put the telafonica visuals on without any difficulty.

the new radiohead is pretty impressive. it's much more organic (i.e. less processing etc) than the last few things, and overall very mellow. still built around brilliant songwriting though, so they can't go wrong while they're doing that, i think.


error message

i have noticed that some links on this blog have not been set up to open a new window - thus we have external websites opening inside our frame. this is bad. this makes me feel sick. i think it is better if we just use the blogger address.


freeci fridey

Well, sam said any time after 9 and we can play whatever set or sets we want. I wouldn't worry to much about styles expected and just play what ever we want! i'm flex with the use of laptop / decks - but i think whatever we do it might be nice to throw some improvised noise around - so long as we keep the beat up.

mostly i think people want to throw themselves around - got any dancehall?!

i'd love to throw some old vinyl into the mix - probably samples and childlike scratching more than tracks or breaks - but it all might be difficult with one hand.


boom boom boom let's go back to my room

o.k. so we head to the bush on friday and play doof music. i'm in agreeance on mixing up our own stuff with that of others, but how do we actually do it? ableton? or do they dj gear that we can use? and what music do we actually want to play? i haven't even heard of a bush doof in a long time, let alone listened to what they play there these days - 10 years ago in my heyday maybe! do we just blow away everything and play what we want, or make weird soundscape things or what?

also, the 10th of november is at the sly fox in enmore, not at the abercrombie as i recently reported.