20th April, 2009

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released april, 2009

the 20th april was a pretty hectic day - it was also the submission deadline for the australia council's soundclash grant, so i was frantically working on that, meaning this track didn't get developed anywhere near as far as i'd hoped it might. blake and i started out by agreeing on a key and a tempo and started working separately. after a little while blake e-mailed me the main guitar riff and i had been working on the rhythm track. with the guitar riff setting up the mood, i played some piano and then worked with the lyrics bec had written. it all came together reasonably quickly. we had hoped to add some stuff with our new toy glockenspiel and other things but, in the end, the time just wasn't there. so here it is, as is. it might get worked on in the future.

as to the actual 20th CD-R that came about from everyone else's contributions, the track listing looks like this:

1. COMMUNITY MUSK - A Song For Your Mixtape
2. BAGLEY - 111111111111
3. RAINBOAT - Dark Force
4. TELAFONICA Monday Wednesday Sunday
5. MERANKORII A Danca das Rosas
6. THE LOST EYES Makin' This House a Home
7. VLAYMAN Liquor is Quicker
8. CLOUDY - MOWE pardner
9. 44HERTZ - Narcissists Mirror
10. RYAN OF NERF Jupiter (is fucking cool)
11. LOVELETTING - They All Say
13. THE DESKS - All
14. 44HERTZ - Massive


Blake said...

cool cover art

Eliza said...

I really like the song. I wish I had a copy of the lyrics though. Who did what as far as music/lyrics? I especially like that little piano bit.

A. said...

I agree with Ellie about the piano... The one thing that really stands out to me in this song is the way you've combined the sort of sweet, natural and unprocessed sounds within all the more technological and electronic instruments. It brings out the best qualities of each, and I think that idea fits with Telafonica at the moment.

Blake said...

thanks annelise. even though i didn't do too much in this song, its nice to hear that kind of comment