20th - may, 2009

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released may, 2009

Bec wrote the words from this based on an idea initially inspired by postcard type posters of nice scenery with 'inspirational' text plastered around the staffrooms where we work. by the time the music got finished, they had been edited down to the hook heard here. Musically, there's a lot of The Knife in there, and a structure inspired by Sherlock's Daughter's technique of just having a single vocal hook over a whole song, with musical interludes in place of verses. From memory, there's an Underworld sample in there as well, but it's been time stretched quite a bit. The extended outro came at Blake's request and worked well, I think, in giving the whole thing a good wind down so that it didn't feel like it just ended after 5 or so minutes of fairly intense noise.

I had the pleasure of making the sleeves for the CD this time around. I used a photo Bec took at one of our rehearsals as the basis, then just laid the text 'May 20th 2009' in cmy, each colour in a different position. The actual CD contains the following tracks:

2. Thundermaker - SON OF EVIL GENIUS
3. Number 2 - 44HERTZ
4. Now - THE DESKS
5. No Escape For The Confined - TELAFONICA
6. Won't You Come Back Again - LEAF LIGHT FEATHER
7. Still They Come - RAINBOAT
8. The Game - WRC
9. For The 20th Time - VLAYMAN
10. Bamboo - 44HERTZ
11. Piracy II - MERANKORII
12. Milk Is The Daughter - LITTLE CHOP OF HORRORS feat. MS STICKY LIPS


Kraftwerk interview

Hey Aje, I thought you'd like this one http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2009/jun/19/kraftwerk-hutter-manchester-international
Bummer about the Oz Co application, why didn't you send it to me first?! Assessing grant applications is what I spend half my life doing these days :) Sweet work on the Wire review, and thanks for sending the CD and 7" they look and sound great! (well the CD does, I'm yet to find a record player to play the vinyl on), Mx



Dear Mr Elmer,

I am writing concerning your application for assistance under the Music Board’s Soundclash initiative.

I regret to advise that the Soundclash panel was unable to support your application on this occasion.

The Australia Council continues to receive many more applications than it is able to fund. As a result, the Music Board has the difficult task of deciding between many worthwhile proposals in order to allocate very limited funds.

A report giving details of the assessment process and other information about this round of applications, as a context for your own application, is available from our website at www.australiacouncil.gov.au/grants/amr. This report will be available after Wednesday 24 June 2009.

If you cannot access our website, or there is anything you would like to discuss in relation to the assessment of your application, I invite you to contact Peter Keogh whose details appear at the top of this letter.

Please note that supporting material submitted with your application will not be returned and will be disposed of 45 days after the date of this letter.

Thank you for your application. Please accept my good wishes for your future success.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Mason
Director, Music
Australia Council For The Arts


looks like you'll have to get a real job, blake.


wire magazine


i just got this month's copy of wire magazine and it's got a review of the nothing ventured/an invitation 7" in the 'size matters' section. it reads...

Lathe cut single by a Sydney based quartet (or trio) whose numbers have a tendency to float off to the UK. The A side is a nicely wound, abstract combination of strings and laptop, a bit in the style of some old Keith Fullerton Whitman performances. But there are soft arcs of moany vocals in spots that give it a very different feel from anything Hrvatski ever did. The flip has a twinkle-pop take on bedroom Kevin Ayers moves. Which is a surprise. And a good one.

Byron Coley

now i can die happy - we've got a good review in wire magazine! needless to say, i shall be googling keith fullerton whitman.



promo photos - june 2009

some new promo images (well, the same set of promo images in a couple of different configurations) listed down the side bar in the hi-res publicity photos section. photography and photoshop by the wonderful samantha nagle.


good heads for radio

a few bits of nice news...

i got a message from dom alessio who does the home and hosed show on jjj, asking us if they could get a copy of i saw this and thought of you. needless to say, i sent of a whole pile of promo copies for everyone at jjj today.

then this afternoon, i received a forwarded e-mail from georgie to let us know that fbi had playlisted the quest for love aboard the belafonte. it was the track that went in on the promo disc for the gig next week. it doesn't have blake's guitar or voice yet, but it's still sounding pretty great.

eliza - any advances on a date/time to record some singing for karoshi?
blake - any advances on a time to record guitar?


.wav files put to good use

david - i found the image i told you about all those months ago! the one that i thought went along with the track listing info you sent me from the lovely package blog. it seems to be a one off idea used by a designer at the mixer communication community (look under erich brechbuhl). do you think it might be an idea worth exploring for artwork for a new album? it might be ready in the next couple of months (as soon as blake and bec get over their throat issues and can be recorded singing again).

cyclic defrost review

my association with cyclic defrost means there's always a chance it's been looked at in a more positive light than it otherwise might have been, but i don't know chris downtown at all, and his review seems quite genuine, as he takes notice of things which haven't been pointed out in the bio and could only have been noticed through active, engaged listening etc. i'm particularly impressed with his take on listening in for static, which is pretty much right on the mark.


The last three years have seen Sydney-based electronic collective Telafonica undergo a few substantial transitions that have delayed the arrival of this second album ‘I Saw This And Thought Of You.’ Following the release of 2005’s debut album ‘Morpheme’, founder members Marcella and David Hughes relocated to London at the beginning of last year, leaving it somewhat in doubt as to whether these seven partially-completed tracks would ever see release at all. While a few tracks have previously made their way out as downloadable e-singles and on compilations such as Feral Media’s ‘Super Shiny Sydney’, the tracks collected here were polished up with additional remixing earlier this year and were apparently chosen because they remain staples in Telafonica’s live sets. Opening track ‘Tape Noise’ provides a cleverly effective and also self-explanatory segue into the rest of this album, with the looped sound of a tape recording of vintage piano keys being rapidly rewound forming the rhythmic backbone around which dry, motorik drum machine beats and icy, forlorn synth pads slide.

‘Blending The Edges’ sees the subtle techno pulse that powers throughout most of this album moving further to the foreground as spidery, minimal beats and muted harmonic pads provide a bed for growling 303s and founder member Adrian Elmer’s weary-sounding, emotive vocals – the entire effect not being dissimilar to Richard Davis’ similarly melancholy outings with Swayzak. ‘Send Away’ meanwhile sees the bass presence becoming more tangible as electro-funk pads and tight, rattling tech-house rhythms lock into place around Marcella Hughes’ vocals, the bleak lyrics (“part of you is dying”) nicely counterpointed by the sense of visceral groove generated by the backing production – indeed, it’s easily the most dancefloor-poised offering here. Elsewhere, closing track ‘Listening In For Static’ represents an extremely close contender for that position however, layering spring-loaded, off-centre house rhythms beneath yelled vocals that could equally be aimed at both ‘underground’ music purists (“I’ve never been hardcore / I’ve never been true to my roots”) and the likes of the neo-rave fixated Modular crew…if it is in fact a riff on The Presets and their ilk, it’s certainly one of the funniest and most effective I’ve heard so far. An excellent second album from Telafonica that manages to be something of a tease at just seven tracks and 33 minutes long.

Chris Downtown / Cyclic Defrost Magazine


3rrr radio

i got an e-mail from simon winkler, the music co-ordinator at 3rrr radio in melbourne, this morning...

Hi Adrian,
Hope all's well, and you enjoyed the weekend.
I located the CDs and distributed them last Wednesday. Both releases are sounding excellent, and the Telefonica 'I Saw This And Thought Of You' was added to the 3RRR Soundscape for the week beginning June 1st.
Copies of the CD were distributed to the following programs:
Delivery, The Australian Mood, Incoming, Breakfasters, To & Fro, Local &/Or General, Against The Arctic, Dance Cadaverous, O'Tomorrow, Breaking & Entering, Skull Cave, No Way Back, Under The Sun, Beat Orgy, Dynamite.

The Lessons In Time CDs were distributed to the following programs:
The International Pop Underground, Against The Arctic, To & Fro, Local &/Or General, Incoming, Transference.

One copy of each CD was added today to the Studio New Releases rack for all presenters to access as well.

Thanks again,


the soundscape thing is online for a week (june 1 - june 8) at http://www.rrr.org.au/music/soundscape/