is any/everybody interested in going into radio skid row on the 6th of october to play live on air? there's a show on between 5 and 7 called kompaktion and they have guests each week. the station itself is a small community station which is housed in the same complex in marrickville that reverse garbage is at.

anyway, let me know who's up for it.

The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte

This release is available for free download. Click here.

released september, 2009

'The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte' is lead single from the album 'Love On The Second Stair'. It features the original version and three remixes. Actual Russian Brides push the track through abstract 8-bits and bouncing sub-bass. Karoshi redresses the song in his own lush chord arrangements and down-tempo groove. Telafonica recast their own track as a dark triptych with vocal cutups, abrasive grooves and bit-crushed melancholy.

The single is available for free download through 4-4-2 Music.


mars hill cafe - 14.11.09

on the bridge blog

there's a write-up bout the 20th project on a new blog run by the the bridge presenters on fbi. they asked if we might be interested in posting a track on it, so i sent 'the unravelling man'. so if you head over to the on the bridge blog you can read and listen.


more of me

i thought that seing as others amongst us have their own thing, that i, too, would like to embark on a sideline solo career. here is the cover of my first album. side two is a single 20 minute track recording a freaky jam i had with myself.


belafonte art

david sent this over a couple of days ago...

"I've made some images as a starting point for the belafonte stuff.
these are not CD shaped - there not really layouts.
I guess my aim was to bring through the nautical theme in some way but stick well clear of anything too twee - hence the abstract approach.
I think I also had a sense of connecting to the main album title with the stepped gradient.
hard to say what printing methods would make these images look better than a pile of noisey rubbish...
let me know how they resonate with you.



the quest for love aboard the belafonte text

david - i think this is all the text, i'll let you know if anything else comes up. the track titles are as they are as apra won't recognise multiple registrations of the same song. we are giving a percentage of the writing credits to each remixer for their version in lieu of not being able to pay them upfront, so need to register each version separately.

the last sentence is so that when we send hard copies around to radio/publicity etc, they can hopefully advertise that fact - feel free to change the wording, i'm not sure i've come up with the strongest wording.



the quest for love aboard the belafonte


1. the quest for love aboard the belafonte
2. the quest for actual russian brides aboard the belafonte (jaunty bering sea version)
3. the quest for karoshi aboard the belafonte
4. the quest for telafonica aboard the belafonte

all tracks written, performed and produced by telafonica
extra production for track 2 by actual russian brides
extra production for track 3 by beres jackson

artwork designed by kind permission




this release is a free netlabel download. feel free to copy it as often as you like and pass it to others.




Verge Festival Sydney Uni August 28, 2009

Adrian has been politely and persistently reminding me that I have not reviewed our last gig at Sydney Uni. Everybody knows that sometimes life gets in the way of art.
I have never been so excited about playing anywhere as I was about playing at Sydney Uni, my old stomping ground. I wasn't ready, however, for the huge smack of nostalgia that hit me as we stepped out of the Spacia in Manning Rd. From the corner where we played I could see at least five significant haunts of mine including the lovely lovely main quad. At 37, all the study frustration and teen frustration has eroded away and only the goodness remains. I was also surprised at the deep longing to see my brother again - my university guide, mentor and chuckle buddy.
Anyway, enough about me and my sentimental episodes.
Y'know what, I think we played the best ever so far - we were a machine we worked so well together, there was no other band's drum hogging the stage, the sound was clear and the mistakes were very very scarce. We had the very great delight of having a small crowd of friends who made the journey in to see us (big thanks to DJ Tigerlily and Jeanette, Annelise and co.) It was also an honour to meet Roslyn Russell (musician Zeta Puppis) who invited us to play in the first place and sound-guy-sorry-name-erased-from-memory, as well as Snowy's cousin, Steve, who was on tech duty at the festival and was really nice.
After some dark readings which sent Telafonica and friends scrambling for a happy place, Ellie donned her pink tutu, Adrian his top hat, and Blake his guitar about which he has some aesthetic reservations. I donned my dot-to-dot bass guitar, warmed up the typewriter and wound up the monkey. From the action on stage it was a monumental concert that true fans should be disappointed if they missed it (please excuse my self-congratulatory tone). The amount of pink face paint alone was unprecedented (thanks Courtney and friend).
I have to say, though, that the audience wasn't quite what I had imagined. Don't get me wrong. The people who stayed in the tent to listen were fantastic and when they started to move there was electricity. It's just, I thought that university students wouldn't be quite so sedate and sedentary - being young and all. Most people sat on the lawn and chatted, even when the DJ after us was playing music that was undeniably dictating the rhythm of every beating heart in hearing distance. Is this because university students have heads too full of information or is it because they have pockets too empty to buy the seemingly necessary medicines for losing one's inhibitions?
All in all, though, it was a thoroughly joyful experience. We had an absolute ball. Hey, we even got our own sound check! What more could you want?

I Can't Make You Love Me
Send Away
The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte
This Is The New Thing
Don't Speak For Me
But I Lose Myself
Voodoo Lady


pogo pogo made my night, last night

lois found this amazing remixing work and forwarded it onto me
he takes traditional disney films and chops up the dialogue and tunes to make some beautifully evocative electronic pieces

much of his work is freely downloadable on his last.fm page


20th july, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released july, 2009

Don't know if anyone can tell, but Telafonica in general was going through a bit of a The Middle East phase around this time! I also wanted to do something in a new time signature, so 7/4 it was. It's one guitar riff that has things built onto it over the course of 5 minutes. The percussion also was important - everything is in 7/4 technically, but accents are all different for each percussive things, breaking it up into 3/4+4/4, 4/4+3/4, 2/4+2/4+2/4+1/4 etc depending on what you listen to. Bec wrote the words, some of which I didn't quite get to fit naturally on first draft, but that can be fixed later.

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. 20-50/11-40at1602 - Cloudy
2. Stairwells For Ears - Future Conduit
3. It's A Conundrum - Vlayman
4. Walking With The Dinosaurs - WRC
5. Egg - Bag
6. Driving Into The Sun - Cloudy
7. Denaturalization - Merankorii
8. For You - +Ko+Ko+
9. Increasing - The Desks
10. The Wrong Address - Telafonica