adjustments and updates

i've been gradually trying to streamline the website and could do with some advice. i've always liked websites that are kind of sprawling and invite you to kind of explore your way around and stumble upon new things each time you visit etc etc. so the website as it is at the moment has lots of things all over. my queries are - does the fact that some things are repeated over (i.e. you can look at album releases via the tab at the top, or the pictures of covers down the side etc etc) actually seem a little pointless. i'm kind of torn, i like having them, but can understand there might be a difference between sprawling and confusing. should they all be streamlined down? or do people like the mess? i know my way around, because i've mostly built it. can everyone else who hasn't built it find their way around?

i've kind of gone out on a limb with the new album release. if you head over to our bandcamp page, you'll see the album is available for pre-order. i've included an option for a limited edition version which will come out once the whole project is over, in about april 2012. we'll see how it goes. anyway, plug the presales to anyone you think might be interested - facebook etc. i'm interested to see how it all goes using that rather than making it available and then have the sales trickle in. the address is http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/sleeping-with-the-fishermen

lastly, is anyone interested in doing november's counterfeit? it's on the 18th and the theme is 'girls and boys' - any songs with 'girl', 'girls', 'boy' or 'boys' in the story. let me know asap so i can register or not.


Glory to God in the Lowest Christmas CD

Hey Telafonicans!
It's that lovely time of year again when Telafonica goes out to the manger and transmits their joy through microphones, effects pedals and speakers. We're hoping to have our little discs of Christmas cheer ready for the November 26 gig at Blacktown Arts Centre so we need to aim to finish our songs by November 12th.
This year's title is "Glory to God in the Lowest" so hope that gets your heart and mind thinking. And the cover art is pretty much done as you can see. Have fun!
P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the Blue House TelafoniChristmas Party - Cherry, tell us when you are around!

info needed for upcoming gigs

ok, so we have a bunch of gigs coming up that we need to get sorted as soon as possible.

1. counterfeit is on in 2 weeks' time (friday october 21). let me know who's in and who's not.

2. we have a gig at red rattler on friday, november 4. it's a regular, 40 minute telafonica set, as part of clan analogue's bandwidth. i'm not sure what time we're on yet, but i think it might be earlier in the piece (maybe 8:30/9ish). who's ok or not for that one?

3. most importantly, we have a large show getting prepared for blacktown arts centre on saturday, november 26. we'll be playing 2 45 minute sets. one will be us playing and the other will involve tanya voges and her dancing in some form. both sets will also involve multiple screen video stuff and maybe some painters etc, which is being organised by kiri at the arts centre. i'm thinking it might be nice to do one of the sets as us playing through the new album in its entirety. then the other would be the one with tanya, which would be a bit more abstract/improvised. i've been thinking it would be wonderful to really explore the improvisation side - maybe choose 2 or 3 tracks that we can stretch out with.

we need to organise some rehearsal as soon as possible - firstly so we can be properly ready for it, but also because tanya needs to meet with us, hear some stuff and start working out some ideas - so we can't leave this one until the last couple of weeks! so - when can everyone rehearse - the sooner we get started, the better. i'm free pretty much any evening.


The Unravelling Man


Sleeping With The Fishermen - Part II

Music by Telafonica (vimeo.com/​telafonica).

Film created by Adrian Elmer for Boom Blip Blip (www.boomblipblip.com)

Camera by Josiah Eastwood (vimeo.com/nuclearfilms)

Performance by Rosita Butterfield



The Unravelling Man Remixes

The Unravelling Man Remixes EP is available for free (or pay what you like) download via Bandcamp.
Released October 1, 2011

The second of the monthly installments of remix EPs for the 'Sleeping With The Fishermen' album. St Jambience gets glitchy and jumpy with his abstract deconstruction. Sounds Like Sunset get their heavy groove on over a buzzing electro bassline while Actual Russian Brides pull into bleepy, buzzy synthetic territory.

The master stems have also been released to the public for anyone to create their own fan mix. All fan mixes will be published online via Bandcamp. Head to tiny.cc/unravelling-man for the files. Send your remixes as aiff or wav files to contact@4-4-2music.com via wetranser.com, yousendit.com or any such large file transfer system. We shall master them for you before publishing the remixes.