The Punches Or The Lies

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released september 8, 2007

THE PUNCHES OR THE LIES features the lead single 'This Is The New Thing' along with 6 remixes of Telafonica tracks. The remixes run the gamut of contemporary electronic styles, from the IDM of Marshall Watson and Broken Chip, the folktronic All India Radio, brooding German-tech from Sunstroke Militia and TiefenKLANG and finally, lo-fi crunch-dub from Andy Rantzen. The EP comes in a hand crafted origami sleeve..

1. This Is The New Thing
2. Tape Noise (Marshall Watson version)
3. Tape Noise (Broken Chip version)
4. Tape Noise (All India Radio version)
5. This Is The New Thing (Sunstroke Militia version)
6. Laughing At Trees (TiefenKLANG version)
7. Item Number (Andy Rantzen version)


a week off is a week to do

i've planned wednesday afternoon to go to ant's studio and do some mixing. hopefully we can finalise decidions by then? i'm going at 3pm - 6am london time ;).

we have another date for another gig. i'm excited about this one because it's in a new warehouse venue which is really the type of venue i'd most like to play. it's called dirty shirlows and it's in marrickville. we're playing on saturday, june 14. not 100% on the other acts yet, but we get to organise them, so they'll be good. there's a chance a guy from brisbane who may be coming down calle aheadphonehome could be playing with us, but that's no confirmed yet, and there will be others as well.

anyone up for recording/rehearsal friday? friday evening seems good for ellie and blake to rehearse. steve, do you want to do some recording in the afternoon then stay for a rehearsal?



i've updated the files on the archive.org page with all the current album tracks. i've been playing around with some different track listings, but i'll leave my thought on that until later so as not to colour perceptions. the upadated ones are this is the new thing (glitches removed), gem and requited love (both now with much more in tune vocals - a big thanks to autotune), and tape noise. tape noise itself isn't any different, but i've faded in the rain underneath the ending and it runs right across into the beginning of this is the new thing now, just to hear how that sounded.

the fine folk at sound & fury (whose sadly defunct shop was probably my all time favourite music shop and where we played an instore a couple of years back) have put out a call for demos for possible releases and for compilation appearances. their stuff is generally more on the outer limits and i've thought it might be nice to put some things together to send them. hopefully one day next week some of us can get together and do some improvisation. if there's anything sonically odd in the archives in london, send them across - even if it's just snippets of sound to play around with. i've already started some tentative bits involving piano and wind up music boxes. it would be good for telafonica to do new and different things - or perhaps it should be viewed more in terms of getting back to the odd tangents like our pushed into oxygen collaboration a number of years back.


midi in the city debrief etc

well, in the end, all went fairly well at midi in the city last saturday night. firstly, just like now was quite good - jordy lane played a great set - i love his music incredibly, and also turned out to be a great person, i picked him and his girlfriend/collaborator kaity up from redfern in the afternoon and took them home after just like now. the detours played a couple of side project sets which were also great - though cam's stuff undermined a bit by willful amaterism.

steve and i got to midi in the city just after 11. we walked through the courtyard which had some fairly heavy party-techno happening, into the bar room and into a fairly negative vibe as the hiphop crew onstage struggled to overcome flat batteries in two of their three mics and ended up battling away with one mic. the sound, as is often the case with live hiphop, was fairly muddy and muffled. at the end of their set, as the next act set-up, the police arrived on a noise complaint and the organisor got a bit frantic trying to work stuff out. they had to basically turn the outside stuff right down. but as the next inside act started, he said something like here's some drum'n'bass to take us out. steve and i looked at each other and started to worry - surely not two gigs in a row with the rug pulled out beneath us! dane the organisor spent the next 20 minutes or so running around trying to get things sorted, so it wasn't until after that that we could talk to him and get our situation worked out. turns out everything was fine, though things were running a little late. so we set up and started after a (quite good) set of d'n'b at about 10 to 1.

we played fairly well. our set was entirely instrumental, mostly off the laptop but with a couple of tracks incuding steve on guitar. it was good to be able to restart telafonica's live thing in a stripped down manner, in a context that didn't really make that much difference to us. the crowd had thinned by the time we got on. there wasn't really pressure on us at all, which was a nice way to be. due to losing all our old data from the old laptop, and because we went with entirely instrumental tracks, we played a fair amount of things that we've never used before. so there was a handful of tracks based solely on drum loops with a bassline - string a few of those together with some other completed tracks and you have a set!

it was absolutely wonderful playing ableton live off the mac with fast processors and 2 gigs of ram! we had a small string of fx on each send plus strings of fx on 3 individual tracks, plus the midi controller running. in spite of pushing all those things, the cpu usage never went over about 15%, AND THERE WAS NO EARTH HUM!!!!! needless to say, i'm pretty happy with that aspect of things.

the next two gigs are full band things, and there's more in the pipeline for june. now we just have a small problem of steve following dave and cell to london!

laughing at trees
the more you move the more you stay the same
let's go crazy
for the manifesto dub
item number
tape noise


ableton 7

telafonica is now the proud owner of a license for ableton version 7. unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding our purchase of it are not quite so great. we have a gig in one week's time. steve and i set up ready to rehearse this afternoon and, when i tried to turn on the laptop, it kept coming up with a screen saying 'can't find operating system'. no matter what we tried, it never got past that. just today, both steve and i received emails from ableton saying that version 7 le will be released soon and there was a bunch of offers with it. but steve received a version of 6 le with a soundcard he recently bought, and was given a code today for $50 off any ableton purchase. and when we looked it up, it was only $us300 to upgrade from 6 le to the full version of 7. so a 50/50 split seemed a reasonable price since we were both with the intention of getting it at some stage.

so, our rehearsal didn't actually happen. we spent the afternoon downloading both a mac and a pc version, installing them and then going about getting all the song data off the various discs around the house. not finished yet, but hopefully we can find everything. it's going to need a little bit of tweeking here and there as well. and one week out from a gig.