393372000 Bits

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released november 7, 2010

A limited edition, 3" CD-R released by the Sydney label Curt Recordings. The disc contains 3 tracks which were all begun earlier in 2010 when Adrian's laptop was in for repair. This meant that Bec's laptop was used for music making for a few weeks, but it initially lacked the ability to be able to record acoustic sounds. As a result, all these pieces started out very electronically, which is a slight jump away from other recent output by the band. The pieces were also a little more minimal and experimental.

Over the next few months, with original laptop back in action, the pieces were edited and overdubbed with more acoustic sounds, resulting in the finished pieces. '4/4 - 136' was originally modelled on the work of Robert Hood. The drum samples were all taken from Blake's ancient Yamaha PSR-150 keyboard and provide a gritty, lo-fi basis for the pushing rhythms and lead static swirls. '4/4 - 140 (6/8 - 105)' takes dubstep as its original template. The music was then sent to London where Marcella worked up a vocal to sing over the sounds. This was all then shipped back to Sydney where Blake and Adrian chopped, edited and manipulated Marcella's work back into the master recordings, creating a dark, polyrhythmic epic. '9/4 - 120' started life as a Public Enemy inspired rhythmic mess with samples stolen from EmptySet. A rough take was improvised in realtime, then Blake added some abstract cornet blasts and, in her first ever recorded instrumental work, 9 year old Imojjen laid down some abstract clarinet improvisation. These elements were then all taken and sculpted together into the finished form heard on the release.

The track titles all derive from the time signature and bpm of the relevant track, while the EP title is the number of digital bits found in the 18 1/2 minutes of music on the disc. The disc itself comes attached to an old 3 1/2" floppy disc and stored in an anonymous, hand numbered postage envelope.

1. 4/4 - 136 (purchase individual track)
2. 4/4 - 140 (6/8 - 105) (purchase individual track)
3. 9/4 - 120 (purchase individual track)


new gigs

we're going to be playing at the album launch for karoshi's new album. it will be on saturday, march 12, so write it on your brand new 2011 calenders.

secondly, chris hearn (alps) has invited us up to newcastle on march the 11th (yep, the night before - we can call it a tour). he's starting up a new monthly thing there called 'intellectronica' where a variety of electronic bands play from 8:30, but before that, there's a workshop on whatever topic can be covered by presenters from the bands that are playing. he's asked me to be part of a workshop on running an online label. karoshi will also be playing on the night, an official newcastle launch show for his album. who is in?



some side project videos

some nicely shot acoustic videos made on the afternoon that lessons in time played at the gate. one lessons in time track, plus a cameo by the band during a paper scissors track.

myrrh is mine

Myrrh Is Mine is available for free download. Click here.
Released December 8, 2010

The third annual installment of the extended Telafonica family Christmas compilation gets bigger this year, with Telafonica adding a new member (Cherry), Marcella phoning in a contribution from London, and an all new contributor who's not even in Telafonica, but is our good friend - Matt Wakeling of St Jambience fame. So, for the first time, it's officially become a '4-4-2 Music Compilation' instead of a Telafonica compilation. which just makes it even better.

Imojjen Elmer makes her first ever appearance as a music writer, with a little thing she whipped up in music lessons at school during the year. Lessons In Time plays the first of two very different readings of Silent Night, with StephenFox playing the other. LIT features backing vocals from Blake's mum and Jack Saltmiras from The Middle East. Marcella makes it two new Telafonica tracks for the year with her haunting 'Little Heart'. Eliza turns out one of the most ancient and beautiful of all carols, 'Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel' and almost everyone in Telafonica contributes to 'We Three Kings' (last minute schedule clashes ruling out some backing vocalists). Goldberry, otherwise known as Cherry, surprises everyone with her engineering skills and the melancholic beauty of 'I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day'. Lastly, Bec joins up with Imojjen and Æowyn for a partial rendition of U2's 'Yahweh', rounding out the best of the three Christmas compilations so far.

just like now - mars hill café - 5.1.11



sam's currently in the filming stages of a video clip for 'i can hear there's a peace in the dark' and will need to film us at some stage in the next few weeks. what are everyone's absence/presence plans over the next few weeks? we're aiming to have the video clip ready mid january. bec and i are unavailable until december 24.


the internet loves sam.

a few good blogs have started picking up on the cover video with some nice words being said...

polaroids of androids

who the hell?


cover loving

the ever wonderful everything is chemical blog has posted the cover video clip this week. eliza, you'll be delighted to know it comes in the same post as a coldplay christmas clip. i'm sure he was being ironic posting that one.



grant grant grant.

application for ozco grant for funds to make a film for the entire sleeping with the enemy album now lodged. if only the hours spent getting an application together could be spent on actually doing the work!

the christmas compilation is almost done as well - just working out some logistics to get cherry on there somehow within the maddening end of school year rush.