i have no idea what the reach of bbc1 is in england - you guys would know better having been there for a little bit - but check out who pops up about half way down this playlist from last friday -



we've got confirmation of the gig at feral media's powwow at the sound lounge in the seymour centre on thursday, december 6. we're playing alongside sparrow hill and someone else yet to be confirmed.

also, i need to get the remix things mastered in the next few days, so we really need to make a final decision on the track listing. what are your thoughts? i'll make up the packaging next week - are we going with just the black or do we want to add any handprinting as well? i've got plenty of the nice brown paper we've used for posters and morpheme covers in the past - should we go with that or something else?


the punches or the lies

i've made myself a new copy of the punches or the lies (tm) using the updated ideas discussed on thursday evening. i switched the last 3 with the first three, and it does feel much more accessible. i am also tending to agree with cel that including the original of this is the new thing actually seems to give the whole thing a point. so, the current track list with all that in mind is:

1. This is the New Thing
2. Tape Noise (Marshall Watson version)
3. Tape Noise (Broken Chip version)
4. Tape Noise (All India Radio version)
5. This is the New Thing (Sunstroke Militia version)
6. Laughing At Trees (tiefenKLANG version) (new name?)
7. Item Number (RantZen version)

it seems to flow quite well, i think. it's not like an album where everything is planned to flow perfectly, but for a bunch of remixes from very different sources it hangs together. what are your thoughts?

and lastly, since we have to do it in the next couple of weeks - what type of paper do you imagine we should use for the packaging? i'm really liking the idea of black print on a nice paper. the latest packaging reviews on cyclic defrost have a nice review of si begg.


adrian's to do list for september 8 -

live files for chuckles/populous/laughing at trees
live files for requited love
live files for smells like rain?

heal david's arm so he can be a rock star once again and not have to wear a lame plastic exoskeleton.


us vs. them

well, the plan is to launch the monstrous now's album at just like now in october - though i haven't heard from them for a little while. but in terms of the artwork, nothing is settled anywhere, so whatever we want to use for whichever release is up to us. if we use that graphic stuff for telafonica, we need to have something else for the monstrous now - if it stays with tmn then we need something for ourselves in the next couple of weeks so i can get it printed up.

should the e.p. have a title? i was thinking perhaps a phrase from 'this is the new thing' - 'the punches or the lies', 'every prediction points to you', 'feel the bones beneath my skin'... any other suggestions?


one armed man

What has happened to the TMN release? is it on permanent hold? I would probably like to do something along similar lines for the EP - so if those initial graphics are now free - i'm happy to use them as the basis for the design.

In terms of doing things - i have a slight problem in that my broken right arm is pretty much useless for i don't know how long. Typing out this post left handed is enough of a struggle let alone using photoshop or ableton. i'm not sure where i'll be come september.

Come round one night this week -not tuesday- and we can go through it all.

to finish things, that is the question...

artwork - not sure yet. could we use something along the lines of the stuff you designed for the monstrous now a bit earlier, david? possibly even use it?

for september the 8th, we were thinking of basically playing all the tracks from the new album through. do you guys have any time this week to do some preparation for it? i'm happy to come in to your place. i'll need to get a few of the tracks broken down because some we haven't done live before.

i'll bring a copy of everything as far as it is recorded at the moment. there's still a few things to do, mostly vocally, but other field noise things could be good as well - we've started getting them on there, probably about 4 tracks have things so far, but some more segues kind of things would be good, i think.

send away is one that's kind of bugging me - just the last section - but i had an idea a few days ago, of taking some of the already recorded vocals and really cutting them up and programming them, so it's a vocal thing happening, but very obviously not sung. at the moment, it just repeats the second verse so feels kind of pointless and not like it really goes anywhere. my original thought would be that it was an instrumental section, which it kind of used to be but again without much point. i'll play around some more, but if you have any ideas let me know. i think we even discussed the option of cutting the final section completely out. that could also be looked into.




I kind of just feel like writing on the blog without too much to say, Aj what are you thinking for the artwork? Make? Print? Combo?

I'd like to refilm the super 8 of my brother's wedding if that's ok with you, thanks for lunch last week, it was sweet to come over and hang with the girls.

What sort of set are you thinking for Sept 8? I haven't worked on gem, if you are sending a cd can you add that to it? my shuffle has stopped working so I haven't been able to get the file off it.

I'd like to listen to all the vocals we've recorded so far to hear if the songs are consistent with each other, I think I'd like to relisten to Send Away and maybe do some last minute tweaking. Have you thought/recorded any more 'natural/organic' sounds to integrate into the album? I keep thinking about flapping wings, not sure why.



this is the remix thing

i now officially have all the remixes that we are expecting at this point in time. i got andreas' one this morning - a remix of this is the new thing. his official solo name is sunstroke militia. it's just great - it only uses the sounds we gave him, so it sounds like us, but it has this brooding, german thing going on which is perfect. my feeling at this point is that we use the six remixes we have on the actual e.p., they are diverse but i think flow well if we order them right. then any copies we send off to radio we add the original of this is the new thing at the front and try and get some ariplay for that, as well as any of the remixes that different people might like. and that may hopefully build some interest for the album, to be released in a little while.


postmodern folk music

well, we have a whole bunch of new remixes to work with now. i set today as a deadline in order to give us time to get it all together for september 8. the quality has been pretty impressive. it's interesting that 'tape noise' was the most popular choice of track to remix, though everything on the list i posted got chosen by someone. i'll keep forwarding the download links as i receive them. so far there's marshall watson (which you've already heard), broken chip and all india radio doing 'tape noise', andreas has done 'this is the new thing' which he'll send over tonight, and TiefenKLANG has done 'laughing at trees' (title to be confirmed). i also have a cd at home from andy rantzen which i'll mp3 and send to you - it's a monster 9+ minute epic of growling rhythm experiments based on 'item number'.

artwork, anyone???


we do still breathe!

yay - another voice!

i haven't mixed anything that we recorded yet as i haven't added my own vocals to it. i've been busily recording and mixing eliza's e.p. (the one i played a song for you a while back) but that should be done by next week so i'll get back on task with telafonica recording then. i think for your voice we really just need to get a final version of gem worked out and recorded. did that file we put on your usb stick work? any progress on turning it into a song?

gig dates - we are definitely on for september 8 at mars hill cafe, where we will launch a remix e.p.. carlos will be painting with us there. then the following week, september 15, we have a 30 minute set at laptopjam which is in the uts building. i haven't talked to carlos about that one yet - do you think 30 minutes is enough for him to use? perhaps i should be asking him that! do you guys know others who would be interested in painting live as well - it would be good to change it up now and then. then there is another possible gig at feral media's powwow thing at the seymour centre in either november or december (i have the date at home but can't remember off the top of my head).

i try to write as if it's just a conversation between us, but the knowledge that others will read can never fully be erased - just pretend you're on reality t.v. and are too much of a bimbo to be self-conscious.

david, any advances on some artwork for the remix e.p.? i'm thinking the two strip, 8 panel system is the way i'd like to go. we have 4 weeks to get it together!

good to see that kindpermission is back up and functioning as an on-line entity - perhaps a prelude to real life? ;)