dj foundation - the mosul mix

a remix i did for dj foundation just before christmas was chosen to be part of his promo dj mix which is going out all over the planet. he's a producer from iraq signed to metal postcard. he's got a bit of a name for himself for aiming broadsides at american foreign policy etc. the remix i did was for a track called 'clinton', which features snatches of a speech by bill when he was el pres. his words have been slyly edited by dj foundation. anyway, the mix is now available in a relatively low bit rate mp3, but will be heard on radio around the globe over the next few months hopefully.

while making the remix i was listening to buraka som sistema's album quite a lot, so the rhythms are pretty much ripped off from there. i wanted a big repetitive bass line that had some funk, i think i got it.

listen to/download the mix at http://www.supload.com/listen?s=p5Iaos.

the full tracklisting is:

? - Last Night A Dj Saved My Life (Remix)
dj foundation - Ghad
dj foundation - Clinton (Telafonica Remix)
dj foundation - Gitmo (Ms Buttress Remix)
dj foundation - I Believe In Punishment
dj foundation - God Is Dead (Buzz Click – Fuck God Let’s Dance Mix)
dj foundation - USA
dj foundation - Alaluyah
dj foundation - Going Out In Style
Peaches - I Don’t Give A Fuck
Baba Maal - Call To Prayer
Eddy Grant - Living On The Front Line


4-4-2 Music e-Single of the Month Club - January 2009

This release is available for free download. Click here.

released january, 2009

Telafonica ups the tempo and heads for the indie dancefloor with two tracks of boom blip blip. With screeching synths, pounding kicks and lo-fi edges, there's still a place for melodic catches and attention grabbing production. A little help from Luminarsi in the remixing department also goes a long way in bringing out the best in an old Telafonica track as well.

The single has is available for free download through 4-4-2 Music. Featuring 320kbps mp3 files and 300 dpi pdf artwork. Or you can stream it on the player below.

A. Laughing At Trees
B. Tokyo Disco Bell (Luminarsi Version)



man with chair

this is josh's painting he did at the mars hill gig last december. sorry it took so long to get a photo up.


time and distance

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released january, 2009

this is the track i put together for the 20th project this month. i'd been reading january's wire magazine (of course) and was inspired to try and push a few sounds in obtuse directions. so basically, it's one piano recording, played right through in real time, and one drum loop. the piano is in 3/4 and the drums in 4/4, though the piano is in half time. they kind of flail in and out of time - well, not actually out of time, just the accents move in and out of phase, hopefully creating some sort of tension. the rest of the sounds are those two bits of audio being processed - bit crushed, distortion, delays etc.

i also got to do the artwork for the compilation. for this one, i used an old ubd sydney street directory, which i've had sitting around waiting to be used for something. i took pages out of it which had not too much info - from the edges of sydney - and pasted them onto regular pieces of paper, just to make them a bit sturdier. i then photocopied all the info onto them, cut them out and sewed the sides up. done.

1. Northern Snow - MERANKORII
2. Tweaking the Cortex - IAIN & ROSS DALRYMPLE
3. Surface of Objects - FISHEADS OF FUN
4. Fries - VLAYMAN
5. Hearing Words As Only Shadows - FRONTEIRS IN PHOTOGRAPHY
6. No, Really, It's Nothing - COMMUNITY MUSK
8. Time and Distance - TELAFONICA
9. San Choi Bow Wow - THE LOST EYES
11. 43 to 44 - SUPERACTION80
12. January - THE DESKS
13. Slicer - CLOUDY
14. Should Children Wear Black? - FRONTEIRS IN PHOTOGRAPHY
16. Oh Benny (A Satirical Take on our Attitude Towards Benny's Room) - THE LOST EYES


sound on sound looping

i spent a few hours the other day trying to get ableton live to do sound on sound looping, like the boss giga-delay. i couldn't find a way to get it to work. so i sent of an e-mail to the clan analogue mailing list to see if anyone there knew a way of doing it. a few different workarounds were suggested by people, but all, as workarounds do, have their limitations. then, this morning, someone posted a link to this - http://www.ableton.com/pages/live_8/announcement/looper. needless to say, i'm rather excited at the prospect. though it will, of course, require an upgrade - are you in, steve? it's due in the second quarter of 2009, according to the ableton website.

as a result of finding that info, i also started googling for something along the lines. so far, this looks the most promising, but i haven't had a chance to try it out yet.


i saw this and thought of what to write

david, here's everything i can think of that might want to get used in terms of credits. i listed everything, but cut out whatever you like. the only thing i think we are bound to including would be the credit to kodwo eshun for permission to quote from his book.

tape noise
adrian elmer - production, voice, glockenspiel
david hughes - production, guitar
marcella hughes - voice

listen, it's in the details

blending the edges
adrian elmer - production, voice
stephen fox - effects
david hughes - production
marcella hughes - voice

see the tree standing on top of the dusty hill
drive around here for hours, it's all the same
you can pray all you like for rain but you're missing the point
if the roots are deep enough the sheep will sit in the shade

i'll never do it again
i promise, i'll never do it again

gloria, the life's already there, the life's already there

this is the new thing
adrian elmer - production, voice
marcella hughes - voice
david hughes - production
blake wassell - guitar

falling out or falling in
i'm not really ready but i'm jumping in
and the way ahead is very long
and the night is dark and your will is strong
which are worse the punches or the lies
or the years together now denied?
"and every prediction is coming true
and every prediction points to you"

i can feel the bones beneath my skin
every one is digging in
don't desert me once again
where are you my only friend
"and every prediction is coming true
and every prediction points to you"

send away
adrian elmer - production, voice, guitar
marcella hughes - production, voice
david hughes - production

i'm here now for you, i've come to take you
i'm here now for you, i've come to wake you up, up
i'm here now for you, i've come to wake you
i'm here now for you, i've come to take you away with me, away with me

a part of you is crying, a part of you is dying
as you slowly harden your heart
you're coccooning lies, seems you're cradling(?) evil
you deny him

you're denying love from the outside
you're only listening to lies from the inside
send away the lie, send away the lie, send away the lie from here
send away the lie, send away the lie, send away the lie from here

requited love
adrian elmer - production, voice, bass
marcella hughes - voice
david hughes - production

do you still see the scars on my face? do they bother you at all?
do you still hear the tantrums in my voice? will you reach down when i fall?
do you still see the wrinkles on my heart? do they bother you at all?
do you still recognise the selfishness in me? will you reach down when i fall?

'cause when you look at me
and see what's really there
when you look at me
and place yourself there
your love is requited

do you still feel the sweat on my back? does it bother you at all?
do you still feel my wanderlust? will you reach down when i fall?

item number
andreas dorwarth - voice
adrian elmer - production
rebecca elmer - voice
david hughes - production
ulf lindemann - voice

text taken from 'more brilliant than the sun - adventures in sonic fiction' by kodwo eshun (1998, quartet books) - used with the kind permission of the author

listening in for static
adrian elmer - production, voice
marcella hughes - voice
david hughes - production

i've never been hardcore
i've never been true to my roots
so look into the future baby
and listen to the future baby
we float around these days
and never really enter in
we twist the meanings of useless words
that would otherwise mean nothing
i've bastardised every piece of music i've heard
and just strung together every little shard of culture
don't break my fall
i always wanted to know that feeling

i saw this and though of you
4-4-2 music


andreas dorwarth - www.electrolyt.net
ulf lindemann - www.dunkelbunt.org

oh, and the upc barcode for it is 634479709838 - i think i've already sent you a copy of the .bmp file if you need it - let me know if you've lost it.


old and new

one of my favourite photos i've taken in recent times, nicely encapsulating the mix of new-tech and old-tech that i really love. and the piano is rather photogenic.


I started writing a rationale for this artwork but it sounded like bullshit. I like it less abstract because it's more direct. And I like it less explained because it makes more sense...

I will continue with the type design and post something more for discussion.



I will continue the work on that when i get back from Canberra i think.

My Mixtape Summary.



            This song exhibits a really explicit and strong development of one melody. I am automatically attracted to a composition of any artistic type that is merely the stretching of one idea… stretched so far and so intentionally that it will soon snap if stretched any farther. Practically, for Telafonica, I think that this idea of intentional melody movement and development is something that would greatly benefit our ‘free-er’ moments in songs… I am not sure about adrian, ellie and bec, but I find myself leaning on making nice noise too much.   While this type of musical floundering has its place, we have many opportunities to deliberately focus on how to aid and/or develop the melody/ies. AND! I like the crescendo.


2-a surprise-Balun


            This song is beautifully textured as a whole, and also in terms of the individual textures of respective ‘instruments’. There are several very simple core parts in this piece and they work so as to build the foundation for a lovely melody.


These first two songs also have no ‘singing melody’. I think, part of what can make a band really special is how versatile they are with their respective instruments, abilities etc. A proposition: We should play more melodies with instruments and sing more accompanying choral and counter-melodic parts.


3-swimming pool- Ghoul


            This song is very simple and concise. A little music, a simple yet lovely melody is added. And then the necessary crescendo! It has it all.


4-emotional champ- New Buffalo


            New Buffalo (AKA Sally Seltmann) is just so lovely. She has to influence Telafonica in some way. Her beautiful piano and voice arrangements are worthy of consideration and medals.


5-we’re always waiting- Yacht

            This is a really fun song. And I think that is the main reason I included it. Cheeky electronics and big choral chants; it has a great mix of the artificial and natural and thus shows similarities to Telafonica’s musical capabilities AND potential character.


6-you win- Slareffenklang


            I like the basic rhythms that are dictated by instruments and voices in unison. I like how the group of voices are a little messy but still work in unison with each other (a little like one of Underlapper’s new songs) and also how the guitar works with the drums rhythmically. The fragility of the closing section/s of the piece appeals to me and is something that could add a certain depth to Telafonica’s music, especially the live sets.


7-festival- Sigur Ros


            The war-like trumpets and enduring chord cycles are matched beautifully with a song of the same fragile nature as previously mentioned. I like it one heck of a lot. Again, a certain depth and image of humanity is apparent in this presentation of song. While Telafonica is by very little means bound by electronic bases and cycles, there are more directions in which it can go to contrast the sometimes-binding stability provided by the electronics.


Any questions?

Forgive me if my ideas are hard to grasp; I have not been given a writing assignment for months!

download the mixtape here (44mb)



ghoul are going to play with us at the roxbury hotel in glebe in march!



is everybody up for a show at the sandringham hotel on king st in newtown on friday, february 6?


the mixtape

thought i might make a track listing of the cd i made for everyone here, since i didn't give anyone an actual track listing with the disc and also to point out specifically what i think might be helpful to telafonica from each track. and if anyone else wants to make their own copy, soulseek is my preferred p2p platform. (blake, feel free to add your own collection in another post - eliza and bec, feel free to make your own collections to share with us all!)

1. bow wow wow - c30, c60, c90, go!

this is just so raw, but without any nihilistic punkness. and it bases a pop song squarely around the rhythm. the little jarring rhythms in the chorus just kill me every time. it's all such simplicity but orchestrated brilliantly. lyrics are nice too - especially from the point of view of anti-corporate d.i.y.ness (though malcolm maclaren was no doubt behind that, simply as a gimic)

2. the flying lizards - money

the rawness and lack of much in the music is what i like most here. i've already started attempting to get that with 'don't speak for me'. the noises that constitute the instrumental break are also great. don't look up any of their other songs, though, they're all exactly the same - horrid deadpan vocals on 50s and 60s cover songs. they were a one trick pony, but this track made the best of that one trick.

3. beem - rer

i came across beem when i discovered skwee and went looking around the net for it. beem put his whole album up for free download and i highly recommend the whole thing. i picked out this track because of it's jerky, yet eternally propulsive rhythm. i also like its minimalism. as everybody already realises, i have difficulty keeping production simple. i always admire simple production that can maintain interest and always aspire to it. i just never quite get there.

4. bjork - earth intruders (spank rock remix)

bjork at her poppiest and then twisted up by spank rock. i really love the very natural blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. the acoustic drums are great, and the tambourine, which sounds very raw, tops it all off perfectly. but the rest of the instrumentation is very electronic (and i would guess that the actual rhythms are programmed electronically). and, again, the rhythm is propulsive, just slightly jerky and therefore captivating.

5. clinic - the second line

two and a half minutes of brilliance. mouth percussion samples, simple drum machine, semi-giberish vocals. the way voices are used throughout are great, and the way it builds and builds towards the final release... nice guitar riffs - everything i could want in a short pop song.

6. miss mend - living city plan

i like this for the same reasons i like stereolab (who miss mend no doubt have rested most of their inspiration on) - just a propulsive drone in the music, nice catchy melody and instrumentation we can aspire to. again, simplicity deployed well.

7. parts & labor - satellites

i became a bit obsessed with this band for a while a couple of months back. this is the first track off their newest album. it deploys electronics as noise making then lays guitar as the harmonic carrier over that - kind of the inverse of what we've come to do a lot this year. i also like the tempo, which has the kind of energy we don't really generate with any of our music, but i like it and think we could aim for some of it a bit more. it's alos melodically and harmonically more complex than we generally get, without becoming baroque - it's still quite direct. the guitar sound is also great - very energetic without reliance on distortion.

8. lcd soundsystem - all my friends

i could have put any song from either of their albums (except maybe 'new york i love you' which is fine in its context but nothing i'd ever wish to emulate). i went with this one because it featured piano, so i thought it might hook eliza a bit easier. memorable melodies etc. as with all their great stuff, it starts out with great energy and yet somehow manages to build upwards from there. it shifts almost imperceptably throughout - dynamically i love it. and it also uses the mix of acoustic/electric/electronic sound brilliantly which you're probably noticing is a feature of everything in this collection.

download the mix here (49mb)


Nothing Ventured / An Invitation 7"

to purchase the 'NOTHING VENTURED / AN INVITATION' 7" single, the simplest way is to head to the release's Bandcamp page here and purchase from there (where you will also get immediate access to the tracks as digital downloads).
You can also visit the 4-4-2 music website.

<a href="http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-ventured-an-invitation">Nothing Ventured (7&quot; edit) by telafonica</a>
released december 1, 2008

Our first ever 7" single, featuring a very old song - Nothing Ventured - which has existed in some form since Bubblejuggler days, but which has never found the right structure to be successful. Midway through 2008, it was rethought and remade as a lo-fi half-time groove pop song, and at long last worked, becoming a live staple. The other side features a track that was originally a Lessons In Time track, but which Telafonica took and added to the live set, along with extra vocals and bells.

Byron Coley reviewed the single as follows in Wire magazine (July 2009):
"Lathe cut single by a Sydney based quartet (or trio) whose numbers have a tendency to float off to the UK. The A side is a nicely wound, abstract combination of strings and laptop, a bit in the style of some old Keith Fullerton Whitman performances. But there are soft arcs of moany vocals in spots that give it a very different feel from anything Hrvatski ever did. The flip has a twinkle-pop take on bedroom Kevin Ayers moves. Which is a surprise. And a good one."

The release is a lathe cut vinyl by Peter King in New Zealand, and the cover was hand screenprinted, folded and glued by Telafonica.

A. Nothing Ventured
B. An Invitation