a few nice things...

...to wrap up the year.

firstly, the quest for love aboard the belafonte has been popping up in a few nice places - firstly there's a mix over at polaroids of androids which features the song. it's actually quite a nice mix and we come in over the fade-out of animal collective (speaking of which - blake, have you finished with my merriwhether post pavillion cd yet?).

next, over on lee tran lam's local fidelity blog, jono (of boulet fame) has listed the track as his favourite australian song of 2009. coming from the man who wrote a community service announcement, i think that should be taken as one of the more highly prized compliments we have been paid. on that basis, it was included in the local fidelity best australian songs show last sunday night. peter hollo then followed that up by including time and distance, as well as lesson's in time's how very good this feeling is in his selection of best music of 2009 on utility fog.

the album has officially been longlisted for the australian music prize. i'm not sure how many albums make the longlist. at the very least, though, this means that a bunch of pretty impressive people have to sit down and listen to our album, including a few artists who would be considered to be a bit of an influence. there's also a few other people on there, mostly in radio, who already know us and have played us as well, so it won't be totally in from the cold for all the judges. the shortlist is announced mid february.

which is also how bernard zuel of the sydney morning herald came across the album, he being one of the key judges. we had to send 10 copies in initially, and he is one of the people that listened to that and voted it onto the long list. his review (as previously mentioned) will be in this saturday's sydney morning herald.


O Come All Ye Faithless

O Come All Ye Faithless is available for free download. click here

released november 14, 2009
The extended Telafonica family releases its second annual Christmas EP. Featuring the band and its various members' offshoot and side projects, Christmas cheer is attacked from all angles.

Proceedings start with The Bells singing along to a brass band, the lyrics of the classic carol given a more theologically correct twist. Next up Eliza Magill goes for the acapella route in the grand tradition of carolling, only hers is breathtakingly spectacular instead of painfully monochrome. Blake Wassell's Lessons In Time then chimes in with a brand new composition, a stark ballad from the point of view of the shephards. StephenFox breaks his self-imposed silence and telafones in his rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - the recording made with a set of headphones as the microphone. Telafonica itself then rounds out the collection with a version of the Australian Christmas classic The North Wind. Anyone who has been to primary school in Australia in the last 50 years will no doubt remember learning this song from the ABC songbook which celebrates the fact that here we celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated - protecting yourself from sunburn and bushfire while watching the heat dry up the grass before your eyes.

To see the full download page, click here.


1. The Bells - O Come All Ye Faithless
2. Eliza Magill - Ding Dong Merrily On High
4. Lessons In Time - Lying Beneath Strong Clouds
5. StephenFox - God Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen
6. Telafonica - Christmas Day (The North Wind)



back to our regular program...

bec and i are back from the beach, eliza is back from india and things are ready to go again. blake, if i remember correctly, the belafonte started out as something you put together on boxing day last year, so we are expecting something as momentous again as we head towards that date once again.

bec and i made a 20th track while we were up the coast - didn't turn out too badly considering considerable technical restrictions.

i got an e-mail from bernard zuel today. his review of love on the second stair will be in the sydney morning herald spectrum on january 2. make sure you buy a copy (and let's hope it's a nice review!).

continue with regular transmission...


miles on music feeds

well, while we're in the vein of using the blog as publicity, miles' photos from the album launch have finally gone live at the music feeds website. They're still the same photos already linked to previously, but they're still incredibly great.



3RRR soundscape

3RRR in melbourne have added the album to their weekly soundscape - http://www.rrr.org.au/music/soundscape/ (this week only). some fairly illustrious company there - ranging from jono boulet through to tom waits. :) always interesting to see what people pick to represent the album. RRR have gone with a snippet from cover.


discontent blog

i got an e-mail from stu buchanan of new weird australia and discontent fame today, which had the following to say...

>thanks for sending me the new telafonica album. i listened to it end-to-end in the car on the way to work this morning, fucking perfect start to the day. it's a great accomplishment, well done all!

>here's a proposal, by way of promotion for the album. would love for you (or the band as a whole?) to curate a mixtape for discontent. can be anything you like, free reign to make your own little audio concoction. no deadline.

>pink priest dropped a mixtape last week, it's beautiful, amazing work.
We Sleep In This Cave | A Mixtape by Pink Priest

>here's some of my recent tapes
Discontent | All That Glitters Is Gold
Discontent | Burnt By The Sun
Discontent | Hypnogogic Pop
Discontent | Music For Merce

>anyway, hope you might give it some consideration, would be great to have you on board.

>so it goes

i'd love to put something together for it. i've been thinking that we could tie it to the album, using the inspiration discs from the end of last year as a starting point, but also adding anything that's come up since then that has had an impact to what we did on the album - inspirations, samples etc. the one restriction is copyright stuff - we can only really use tracks that are available as legal, free downloads. i think that might cover maybe a third of those tracks, maybe a few more. but i was thinking that if we compiled everything we wanted to include, we can get them all together in ableton live and use the full versions of the free stuff, while the other bits we can use snippets of, as samples and small loops, which we mix in with other full tracks, sort of like a continuous dj mix, rather than a series of discrete tracks.

any thoughts?

if we went ahead with that idea, i think the best starting point would be to compile a list of everything we might want to include. doesn't really matter how long the list is as much of it would only be represented by snippets.


we don't have gigs any more.

ant has asked us if we would like to play a live set at wreckovery on sunday, january 17. it would be in the late afternoon/early evening. do we have enough available bodies to be a band or will i be on my own? :)
thought it would be good to ask now so as to avoid the period where eliza is incomunicado.


october 20, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released october, 2009

We had a gig coming up in Newcastle, which I knew was just going to be Blake and myself playing at, and we had thought that we would do some looser, more abstract things than normal. This track was then purpose written for that aesthetic and came out just how I'd hoped it would. I'd been listening to the new F*** Buttons album quite a bit and was impressed with the way it mixed fairly traditional house music with noise, so that was the basic template. Some Underground Lovers also seeped in. A good bass riff always pushings things along quite a bit, and this one seems to work quite well. It's vaguely an update of a riff from an old Telafonica track, 'Brown And Blue', which was originally modelled on the Jah Wobble school of bass riffage. The rhythms are based on some samples of early 90s house, then everything, particularly the synths, are pushed through various distortion effects.

I struggled with the actual song bit and don't love what I ended up with enough to think it should stay. I did want to have a small catchy song embedded in a long piece of music and this one sufficed for the moment, but I'm thinking that it would be good for Eliza to write a new 'song' to take the place of mine within the music. I'll send you a copy of the track without any singing, Eliza.

The track went very well in the live show, and was probably the highlight of the set from the comments we got afterwards, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it could end up.

(full 20th cd tracklist to come)


20th september, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released september, 2009

Probably not the greatest ever track in the Telafonica canon, but hopefully there's something there to work with on a future date. The 20th in September fell on a Sunday, which theoretically means we'd have a lot of time, but we also happened to have a gig that day, playing Radio Social at the World Bar. So I spent the early afternoon making the basic rhythms and chord structures etc, borrowing heavily from a few different skwee sources. Then, after the gig, Eliza came back and improvised some synth lead stuff over the top, which was then edited into shape a little. No lyrics, just music.

1. Check Your Tricorder - Bag
2. I'll Make A Fuss Over You - Baron Von Winchester III
3. Magna - Merankorii
4. Solar Wind - WRC
5. I Wonder What They're Doing In Taree - Wellington Rd Blues Band
6. Same Old Song - Community Musk
7. You Left Sompin' - Vlayman
8. Cheeky Chops - 44Hertz
9. Zapf Dingbats - Telafonica
10. Unsung - The Desks
11. Breathe Deep - 44Hertz
12. The Bitches are Landing - +ko+ko+


love on the second stair poster

a couple of shots for david (there's a copy in the mail somewhere between here and london as i write)

the riso prints came out beautifully - i definitely think we should go with them again for future releases, and possibly play around a bit more with the layering of colours which you can just see a bit of here.


I have an idea for a telafonica project

the idea---

we take 10-15 minutes worth of ideas that are compiled in a short recording/song and use them as the foundation for a new song. i thought that a cd playlist would look good like that, and be really interesting to listen to, if you had not just songs, but 'song couples' ie. i press record and come out with a riff, and then sing straight on top of it and come up with a melody alongside some scratchy percussion recordings this becomes the draft then a few days later (or whatever) adrian adds a bass line in and eliza comes up with a couple of new sections and then bec writes some more words that build on any idea that she's drawn from the little lyrics i wrote...

i am thinking that it would be really great listening to scratchy, short demos and then hearing a polished song that evolved from that original demo

it would be especially interesting with telafonica as we have 4 very different members- the degree of change and development between 'the demo' and 'the song' would be significant

(i'm not always fantastic at explanations)


mars hill photos

with many many thanks to the wonderful miles martignoni. his blog can be found here and there are more photos on his flickr page.


Psst! Ellie and Blake!

AJE is out of town and off the net. Let's make some executive decisions! :)


Album Launch, Mars Hill Cafe

This was the big one. This was the new Telafonica, on plastic, and live in our home territory. There was a lot of excitement, hope and many butterflies. All pink, I think. The most delightful thing of the evening was that there were more friends than butterflies. It felt exactly like a celebration. It felt just right for the finale of the year for us.
I was feeling a bit tired before Charles Daaboul played so I wandered down to the cafe and ordered a cappuccino and four gourmet chocolates (which I of course shared with Adrian). That's where I met Mo who decided to give me his own special version of a latte which was like nothing I have ever tasted before. It was a "naked shot" of coffee - 2.5 times the strength of what I was expecting. I tasted the froth and it was like a punch in the head. Then I had the sensation of my heart trying to knock its way out of my chest with the next sip. Funnily enough, from then on the coffee tasted great, although I thought I might be awake until Monday.
I'm not going to say that we played perfectly - I don't think that is ever the Telafonica aesthetic really. We did have a lot of fun, though, and the glorious audience were in there with us which was magical. So many wonderful people came from all over the place in our Telafonilives!
We played the new album front to back and climbed aboard the Belafonte and even performed "Aeowyn and the Absolute Truth" live for the very first time (bit rough - needs a bit of a spit and polish).
We sold lots of CDs and gave away this year's Christmas CD "O Come All Ye Faithless" and we hope that all purchasers will be completely satisfied with "Love on the Second Stair".
Finally, in place of La Ziko's, we toddled off down to the new churros shop to test out the authenticity of their Spanish fare. The place looked and felt very much like a Spanish cafe. The churros were not quite up to Adrian's Spanish abuela's but the company was good and food really isn't all about the food, is it?
It was so fun and we are so thankful to all involved - truly joyful!

The set list:
I Can't Make you Love Me
Smells Like Rain
But I Lose Myself
The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte
Aeowyn and the absolute Truth
Time to Move the Nest
Don't Speak for Me
The Separation Prepared this for Another Marriage

Love On The Second Stair

to purchase 'LOVE ON THE SECOND STAIR' visit the 4-4-2 music website or click the link in Bandcamp player below. cost is $AUS5 plus postage.

released november 14, 2009

In May of 2008, the four currently Australian based members of Telafonica made their debut together. Their live set was based on older Telafonica tracks, the newer members replicating and fleshing out roles that had been established by members now based overseas. In the ensuing 18 months, the Australian based contingent has busily been adding their own work to that repertoire as they have gigged regularly in and around Sydney. The first fruits of this new music was the 7” single, 'Nothing Ventured', released in late 2008. Following a clear out of older unreleased material on the early 2009 mini-album, 'I Saw This And Thought Of You', as well as brand new material and covers appearing on compilations such as 'New Weird Australia Vol 1' (New Weird Australia) and 'Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown' (Forthesakeofthesong), 'Love On The Second Stair' sees the first extended output from the new line-up.

While still deeply rooted in electronic rhythms and processing, the addition of Blake Wassell (Lessons In Time), Eliza Magill and Rebecca Elmer has seen the band's sound expand into more organic domains. All four members write and sing, colouring the tracks in diverse ways. For the first time on a Telafonica release, all the tracks are song based with a cohesive lyrical focus, alluded to in the album title. A widening of live sounds has also resulted, ranging from traditional piano, cornet and glockenspiel through to the quirkier toy piano, curtain rods and typewriter, as well as a wide range of acoustic percussion. Trainspotters can also listen out for samples or sonic references from/to the likes of Gus Gus, Martini Bros, Adam and the Ants, The Beatles, Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Animal Collective, Efterklang and Sufjan Stevens, amongst many others.

The London based contingent of Telafonica has certainly not been abandoned, with founding member David Hughes responsible for the artwork and design of the album packaging, the full release version of which is printed using risograph technology.

"...an unexpectedly lyrical, richly experimental exploration..."
read a review at ThrowShapes

"...a deliciously eclectic record..."
read the Sydney Morning Herald review

"...impress(es) with both its level of ambition and diversity..."
read a review at Cyclic Defrost magazine


1. i can't make you love me
2. smells like rain
3. but i lose myself
4. the quest for love aboard the belafonte
5. æowyn and the absolute truth
6. cover
7. time to move the nest
8. don't speak for me
9. the separation prepared this for another marriage


men in shorts


i think our friend here has missed the point


A Cheery Chat with Stephen Ferris at FBI

This morning Telafonica jumped in the Spacia and took off for FBI Radio Station for a chat with the legendary Stephen Ferris. The FBI "agents" were lovely people who welcomed us with big smiles and much appreciated cold water. (Hot day!)
The studio was quite swish and Stephen Ferris and Miles Martignoni so impressive in their efficiency and professionalism that I personally felt a bit shy when we were setting up. That said, Stephen went on to lead us in a merry conversation in which Adrian was extremely articulate and we all learned from Ellie the origins of the phrase "love on the second stair". That is, the poem by A.A. Milne called "Halfway Down" from the book "When We Were Very Young". It was worth the whole experience just for that one delightful discovery.
We also played our acoustic version of "The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte". I was hoping that my Facebook friends everywhere were playing along with my typewriter on their laptops and keyboards. I imagined a mighty chorus of tick tacking across the length and breadth of greater Sydney. I also typed a secret word for Facebook friends to guess in order to win themselves our brand new Christmas CD. I shall magnanimously extend this competition to readers of the blog. If you are the first to guess the secret word I typed during Belafonte, you may have a free Christmas CD a la Telafonica.
All in all, it was great fun. Stephen Ferris gave a plug for our gig and our album and even had a photo taken with us. It was a happy happy adventure!

album packet

i got an e-mail from georgie today to tell us that fbi have added love on the second stair to their playlist as the 'album packet' for the upcoming week. i'm not completely sure what that entails, but from what i learned when new weird australia was in that position a few months back, it basically means that a certain number of songs get playlisted each day for the week between 6am and 6pm. hopefully, the exposure might also mean that other presenters hear it and pick up on it as well.

i also got 2ser's weekly newsletter today and the album is listed in their 'servin' up' list - their kind of top ten new albums for the week. sydney community radio is grand.


finally inside the rizzeria

i spent yesterday inside the rizzeria printing room - a cosy little space with the riso printer on one side, a desk with a pc on the other side, riso equipment stored in various nooks and crannies, lots of risos on the walls, and not much else.

my volunteer helper was leigh. he was great and reminded me incredibly of david. that's him in the photo with the exact same standing waiting posture as david, exact same type of beard in the exact same colour, a similar face etc etc. he liked the newsprint paper so much he bought what was leftover and i'll send him the details of how to get it from school (where i ordered it from).

the prints looks incredibly great. i ended up having to relay my original fully lined template over your images david, otherwise the crop and score marks were being completely lost. the posters look great with the two colours interacting beautifully. we ended up leaving the green side of the lyrics page to be printed tomorrow (monday) as the ink was not dry enough from the first side so was leaving traces on the printing drum and coming up on the poster. so i'll get those when we go in to fbi of thursday.

the images are of the first layer of the case - the text and crop/score marks. they're printed on 300gsm paper which is much sturdier than the 220gsm we used for the last one. so now to a week of cutting, scoring and folding.


Christmas is near; Ellie wants to fiddle.

I think I've decided, for the Eliza Magill track on Telafonica's soon-to-be-released-and-when-are-we-going-to-find-time-to-finish-it Christmas CD, to do a song with lots of vocal layers, with my voice as the accompaniment and the solo as well - in the tradition of Camille and others I'm sure.

I'm doing Ding Dong Merrily on High, and I have a good idea of all the vocal parts, but with this sort of thing I really need to record as I go and see what works. I myself have no recording thingamy apparatus whatsoever, not even a crappy one, so at the moment I'm just imagining everything in my head, which means it could actually sound terrible when it's put together.

I'm going to need to do a bit of fiddling around. So... (Adrian) can I come over please? Sometime this week?

And have you (Blake) done yours yet?


everything is chemical

the belafonte single has popped up on another blog - this time one from the u.s. (i'm pretty sure) called everything is chemical which covers lots of great music (i regularly read their reviews).

they call it "Beautiful Post-Experimental Chamber/Dream Pop from Sydney, Australia".

click here.


Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown

This release available via the Forthesakeofthesong website - click here

Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown
released October, 2009

Forthesakeofthesong is an English label who have signed Lessons In Time for an album release in early 2010. Early this year, they also asked him if he wanted to contribute to this compilation, which he said yes to. So Telafonica jumped on the bandwagon and asked if we could be involved as well. While a little surprised at our interest (we're not exactly folk music) the label was happy for us to be a part.

The idea of the compilation was for a bunch of relatively unknown artists (hence the title) to cover Townes Van Zandt songs. It turned out there were a few not so unknowns who contributed - Jad Fair, Great Lake Swimmers, J Tilman (of Fleet Foxes) etc - as well.

Telafonica did a version of 'St John The Gambler', a kind of 'don't go out dressed like that' moral tale dressed up as a dark almost murder ballad. We went for moody atmosphere but tried to steer clear of straight folkiness. So there's a bass line which was actually played on a cello (didn't have access to a double bass) and glockenspiel and voice for most of it, with some kick coming in at the climax. Most of the atmosphere, though, is created by layers of subtle processing on Eliza's voice. There's 4 different tracks of her voice singing by the end, all with different types of filters, delays, ring modulators etc on them to create whisps of swirling sounds.

"An important project and a fascinating album.” 8/10 (AMERICANA UK) (link)
"This album works on two different levels, as an introduction to the work of a great songwriter and as a sampler of some splendid modern performers."(BEARDED) (link)
“A vibrant portrait of contemporary folk…the proper tribute Earle's wasn't.” (EXCLAIM!) (link)

1. Lessons In Time (AU) - At My Window
2. Thomas Denver Jonsson (SWE) - To Live Is To Fly
3. Loophole & Ciaran Kirby (IRL) - Lungs
4. Great Lake Swimmers (CAN) - Our Mother The Mountain
5. Fort King & My Hawaii (US) - Loretta
6. Christina Kulukundis (UK/US) - If I Needed You
7. J. Tillman (US) - My Proud Mountains
8. Gustav Haggren (SWE) - Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
9. Kevin Tihista (US) - Still Looking For You
10. Kate Maki (CAN) - I'll Be Here In The Morning
11. Anders Parker (US) - No Place To Fall
12. Telafonica (AU) - St. John The Gambler
13. Nick Jones (US) - Don't Take It To Bad
14. The Wheel (US) - She Came And She Touched Me
15. Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time (UK) - Pancho And Lefty
16. Pacific Ocean Fire (UK) - You Are Not Needed Now
17. Chris Mills (US) - Tecumseh Valley
18. The Be Good Tanyas (CAN) - Waiting Around To Die
19. Jad Fair (US) - Turnstyled, Junkpiled


the loft bar, october 30, 2009

I was dubious, but then I'm always dubious. I am not a fan of Halloween and neither, really, is Telafonica. I thought Adrian was just being easy and saying "yes" to the gig because he has a never-say-no policy. Two things you can always count on in Telafonica - I am always dubious and Adrian always knows better. For real. No cyncism attached.

The venue was lovely, the stage was just the right size, the people were great - both the organisers and the audience. Fantastic even! Subsketch and Deadbeats were amazing to watch. Ellie's immediate response to their very articulate flow of speech was, "And WE have trouble remembering OUR words!"
We played our songs straight off our upcoming album "Love on the Second Stair" and it was well received. I felt that our playing was very relaxed and natural. It's the first gig where I personally didn't feel like it was hard work. It was really fun!
Some exciting features of the evening: Plan 9 From Outer Space was projected to the side of the stage while we played; Telafonica got to try out some of our own facial art design; our newly acquired and very jaunty sailor hats got an airing and provoked a pleasing giggle; we played Blake's very heavenly "Time to Move the Nest" which started with a hush and ended with a roar; it was nice to meet Tim the barman who loved the typewriter in Belafonte so much that he took a photo and sent it to his friend; we discovered on the way home the simple pleasure of guessing when the toll booth would beep (another reason I love my Telafonifriends so much).

Unbearable disappointment of the evening - LaZiko's was packed so we had to pass up on our usual joy-filled ispinakli and dolmades!
I can't tell you how excited we all are about playing at Mars Hill, November 14! After playing the rest of our gigs in and around the Sydney CBD, it's going to be like having everyone over to our place. And North Parramatta is a lovely place to spend the evening celebrating Telafonica's tenth birthday!

Anyway, here's the set list for the loft bar gig:

I Can't Make You Love Me
Smells Like Rain
But I Lose Myself
The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte
Time to Move the Nest
Don't Speak for Me
The Separation...


20th august, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released august, 2009

Bec wrote some words and said, 'I want it to be like a punk song'. By Telafonica? Not quite my strong point, but we gave it a shot. Bec had a melody ready to go, so we worked out some chords and went for it. After a first attempt at doing it, Bec said "It needs to be faster". So faster it became. In hindsight now, i think it could go even faster, so look out for the new improved version on an album some time before 2013.

For now, one and a half minutes of noisy pop, done. There's just a drum beat, a guitar, a synth bass and some singing. And it's going to be a new favourite.

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. Dr M - RainBoat
2. As Bright As It's Going To Get - Baron Von Winchester III
3. Kitchen Kit - The Lost Eyes
4. You're Everything - Vlayman
5. Muchidocco - RainBoat
6. Oceanario - Merankorii
7. Dreams Of Dreams - WRC
8. Song For The Broken-Hearted Whale - The Desks
9. Killing People - +ko+ko+
10. The Unravelling Man - Telafonica
11. Scmoo - Bag


steve came over for dinner last night before heading back to london today. so we thought we'd get something useful for telafonica out of his ever expanding and otherwise unused bank of great ideas. he had an idea for a film clip which involves filming someone setting up a drum kit for the duration of the clip. we nutted it out a bit and ended with the idea that we'd make it for 'i can't make you love me'. we get isaac ledley to star in the clip, which would involve starting out seeing a drumkit in pieces in shot, then it gets set up by isaac over the duration of the song. as the song reaches its climax he sets down, prepares mentally, then hits his drums once on the last beat of the song. over the course of the 3 and a half minutes, at one point he will be talked to by someone off camera and look over toward them, and at another point, someone will cross the screen unrolling a cable. that's pretty much it. all in one take (my favourite type of video).

we even did a storyboard to see how to frame it, which you can see. the timeline of events is across the top. as usual, click on the image to see a larger version.


the north wind

blake, have you done anything with the christmas song that bec wants us to do? i have a nice rhythm track that i quite like, but can't work out anything nice and atmospheric for the music. do you have a chord structure at all? i've got it happening in g at the moment. i quite like the melody, and since there's only 2 verses, i'm not completely convinced we need to change the melody, but a darker chord structure underneath would probably do the trick. the rhythm i have is a lot slower than any recording of it i've heard before.

david, would you be interested in recycling your old christmas desktop images? i had a thought that it might be nice to put your old christmas desktops as bonus things on our christmas giveaway cds this year. or new ones.

lost at e minor

the greatest art/design/culture blog on the internet - lost at e minor - has added the quest for love aboard the belafonte to their music download section. i have to say, i'm pretty excited about it! i've followed the blog religiously for about 4 or 5 years now (i find lots of great stuff there to use in my art classes, or to pass to specific students for inspiration, as well as for myself in art, design, music etc etc) - it's probably the only blog i've kept up with for that long. so to be included on it is wonderful. if you go to www.lostateminor.com and look at the third column (the one which always stays as is even when the rest of the blog kind of rolls on) you'll find the track listed in the music download section.


artwork just in

i just received these files from david - his e-mail comments attached (click on each image to see a larger version). the more feedback, the better...

>Here's where I'm up to with the artwork.
Cover, poster 2 sides and a back cover (this is the roughest of them at this stage)

I'm not totally set on the best image for the top of poster side B. Could be nice to bring in some further photography. Could also think about some further imagery on Side A- I'm pondering that as we speak.

Also not set on the use of blue - but I do like the moodiness of it. You may prefer orange :) Would it cost more to have a variety?

On the subject of colour - I thought it might be nice to do the telafonica logo stamp in some coloured ink if you have some.

Did you talk about the files with them at all? Are you taking files or printouts? I wasn't sure if I should provide separate artwork files for each colour or not... Are you printing on A3 paper? Or trimming down from larger sheets. At this stage the posted design does not include any bleed off the edge of the paper.

Not totally sure how the overprint will go between the two colours as well...

anyhoo - let me know your thoughts.


a picture

i thought the page needed a new image as the lyrics pushed all the old ones way down. how great are these drawings? a slap in the face for anyone who still believes graffiti is evil and defaces the visual environment.

more of her stuff here.


radio killed the video star

we have an opportunity to go on to fbi on the 14th of november to plug the album/launch. only issue is that it's at 3:30, which has the potential to conflict with actually setting up for the gig, by the time we get back due to parramatta rd traffic on a saturday. the week before on the saturday is not available. the other option may be to go in to one of the morning programs during the week before. that would probably rule me out, but if at least two of you could do it, that could possibly be the best option - it's when the audience is at its largest. eliza and blake - do you know what dates you have exams on?

i need to let them know tomorrow (tuesday) so if you could let me know what you all think the best option might be, that would be excellent.

parades remixes

blake, parades would like their remixes by thursday. how's it going? i think i'm going ok with yours, but i'm having trouble telling if i'm improving it in any way.

soundclash again

ok. so the next round of soundclash funding applications is open. i'm going to give it another go. the only difference is that this time, i think we need a specific project in mind. the only restrictions we have is that it can't be for the costs of cd release or costs of international touring. my first thought might be to look into some australian touring costs, but i'm not sure. it really would be good to have something that is groundbreaking in some way in itself, alongside the music we make. maybe even organising some sort of residency set up for ourselves. actually, that gives me an idea - blacktown city art gallery...

ideas anyone....?????

if you go to http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/grants/amr/music/music_-_soundclash_2009 you can see a list of everything that received funding this time around. a surprising number of friends are on the list - seekae and underlapper, charles du caine, nic wilson (head of clan analogue in melbourne).

love on the second stair liner notes

here are all the lyrics for the album, plus track listing, credits etc. i feel like i've left stuff out in the credits department, but can't think of anything specific. does anyone wish to have anything else included? i've included a thanks to cabinet pin and the 20th project since it's been fairly pivotal - is there anything else we should credit? David, I'm not sure how you want to credit yourself in the artwork - whether by your own name, kind permission, parc, telafonica, whatever...feel free to use whichever you would prefer - i've left it blank at the moment.

4-4-2 Music
Love On The Second Stair

1. I Can't Make You Love Me
2. Smells Like Rain
3. But I Lose Myself
4. The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte
5. Æowyn And The Absolute Truth
6. Cover
7. Time To Move The Nest
8. Don't Speak For Me
9. The Separation Prepared This For Another Marriage

All songs written, performed and produced by Telafonica

Castañelas on I Can't Make You Love Me and Don't Speak For Me by Vanessa Caratala Pastor

Artwork by .........

Special thanks to Jeff at Cabinet Pin Records and the 20th Project - many of these tracks started life on the 20th of one month or other.


I Can't Make You Love Me

I can't make you love me but I can show you how I feel
I can't make you want me but I can listen to you
I can't make you tell me but I can stumble in your pain

I can't make you show me but I can see it anyway
I can't make it plainer but you can still run away
I can't make you answer but I can keep on asking why

In the quietness of your heart

I can't make you notice but I can do all things for you
I can't turn the darkness off but I can light up all the truth
I can't wait forever but I can give you enough time

I can't do any more for you than give myself away
And you can realise all this and still you turn away
And with everything that I do it's ultimately your say

But/Because I can't make you love me

Smells Like Rain

And it smells like rain and kingdoms fall
And Spring has come and there are sounds of war
And dust will rise and a man will crawl
Just to deny he has a soul

Look into the beauty of rust as it recovers the steel
The grass through the cracks in the pavement
Look into the storm clouds coming in grey and in green
And tell me that you're still in control

Because I don't want to live my life in shadow and in ignorance
You cannot convince me, just look into the detail
The light is there when we begin, shows the beauty in everything
And Reason has its limits, just look into the details

But I Lose Myself

Hello! Hello! Can you hear my soul?
I’ve had enough of my reflection, can you make me whole?
You know I’ve seen so many cracks
Maybe I’ve done too many things to ever go back

I heard a sound, a steaming train
And I feel I’ll never ride that beat again.
Ah mercy me while I’m in this hell
I can save up for a rainy day but I lose myself

I liked the way that he said my name
If I knew then what I know now I’d prob’ly do the same
Hello! Hello! Can you find my heart?
Can you reconnect all the pieces that I’ve ripped apart?

It all tasted good and I felt so sure
That the stuff that I had done was never done before
Ah mercy me while I’m in this hell
I can save up for a rainy day but I lose myself

The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte

Once I sailed ‘cross the sea
Love was waiting for me
Then my ship ran aground
(Hadn’t left the harbour)
Found a far safer boat
Braved the sea once again
Stormy weather prevailed
Found it tricky to float

If love is waiting across the sea
There’s no hope for me

Once I sailed ‘round the world
Cairo, Paris and Rome
Saw all the sights I could see
‘Til I ran out of money
Met a tall, foreign man
Very good at talking
Found a job, feeling good
(He took all my money)

If love is found in a love affair
Love’s not anywhere
If love’s not down at the market square
It’s not anywhere

If love’s not down at the market square
It’s not anywhere
If love’s not there on the second stair
It’s not anywhere
If love’s not part of the wear and tear
It’s not anywhere
If love is chasing me everywhere

Æowyn And The Absolute Truth

You push play
And the truth spills out of your room
'Til it fills up our house
And it fills up our hearts
All the holes disappear
And you dance

All of the sounds
Tiptoe and sway
'Til they’re waltzing about
And they’re carried
And the hope that was hidden
Soon comes out to play
And you dance

Outside is darkness
Inside is light
Nothing is lost
There are no tears tonight
Truth shakes the floorboards
Love pumps through the pipes
Joy rushes in sound waves
Around us

Your voice in the midst
Is colour and warmth
It calls out my heart
And it calls out my voice
It calls to me always
“Come and dance”
And you dance


The end of all things is near
Come here my friend, come over here
This love is deep enough to cover
All your slings and arrows

The blow comes swift
It takes my breath
But I’d do it again

The road goes back
Through winding ways
I would go there again

The view from here
Is a fiery red
And the thoughts that force themselves
Into my head
Are of lingering doubt
And a nagging dread
But I will go
I will go there with you

Time To Move The Nest

The eagle sees fit to move the nest away
In this understanding, I am tackled by the well wishes of those who would no longer be the ones to continue those well wishes

Winds and rains guide the flight
They sustain the contentment realised in commanded movement

I am assured that this is the good way

Don't Speak For Me

Wrong time, wrong place
Wrong god, wrong head space
Don’t speak for me

Two souls in one suit
Don’t fit won’t sell
I have one heart
Don’t speak for me

All roads do not lead home
All roads do not lead home
The truth is not unknown
All roads do not lead home

The Separation Prepared This For Another Marriage

I am the hold, I am the hem
I will unleash when I want to
You scale me down or simplify
I’ll still take on the punches for you

I take the best of all I am
I hang it out like a banner to dry
You tear it down, a parting shot
Your dog will sleep in it tonight

Love, I cannot make
You love and I cannot make

I see your face, I see the lines
The rise and fall of each lungful of air
Remember when I said, ‘Anything. Any way at all.’

Love, I cannot make
You love and I cannot make
You love and I will not make
You love me



ok, you sluggards! in need all those lyrics.
otherwise, i'll try and transcribe them myself, and i can't promise there won't be any hens in there amongst them all!!!!


telafonica au naturale

i've always wanted to do this and finally got around to doing it. if you click on the image it will take you to a larger version. for the record, all the photos were taken in the (extensive) backyard of bec's brother's house in wee waa.

croatia in newcastle

would we be interested in heading up to newcastle on friday, november 6 for a gig at the croatian in newcastle? it's being organised by chris from alps (he's also playing at it) and he's asked if we'd be interested. it would involve about an hour and a half drive each way - so we may need to take work considerations into account (ellie). i'm personally starting to get itchy feet and want to play in other places, so i'm enthusiastic, but know that there's other issues which may mean we can't, though.


i've seen the future. only problem is it costs about $7000. there is a very stripped down $500 version as well, but i don't know that there's much point in that, really.

p.s. the demo is filmed in air studios which is the studio pink floyd built in the 70s - nice looking place.


re: love on the second stair

in one of the final sections of 'aeowyn and the absolute truth,' there is a vocal take that sounds a little out (but besides that, the track sounds great with all the new vocals, which i hadn't previously heard)

i am not convinced by every note in the 'i can't make you love me' guitar riff. maybe you can do some chopping to make it sound less straight? unless you like it as it is... (i am really liking the whole song though. it works great as an intro i think.)

i really like the flow of the tracks. our chorus vocals sound quite good i think.

i have listened through the album, up to 'cover'


now i've finished the listen
i don't really have any more suggestions at the moment


album artwork/packaging

david sent me a link to this printing place in st peters called rizzeria. basically, they use risograph technology to do their printing. which may not mean a whole lot to you younglings, but when i was in infants school, pre-photocopiers, the biggest thrill you could get was to be asked by the teacher to take their handwritten sheet of paper up to the front office so that the ladies there could run it through their riso to make stencils for the whole class. so then you got to watch them load it into the machine and wind the drum around which made duplicates in wonderful purple ink. if it was really your lucky day, the office ladies might even let you go over and wind the machine yourself. but i digress...

risograph technology, i have just found out, has not actually died out, but has developed alongside photocopiers, though on a much less ubiquitous scale. and it's these new machines that the rizzeria seems to be running with. none-the-less, it is a very economical option for us, and offers up some interesting creative options and so david's design for the album packaging is going to be aimed at using it.

one thing i need in the next few days is lyrics for all the tracks on the album. the ones i've written i can do (of course) but the lyrics the rest of you have written, could you please type them up, proof read them and send them to me so i can compile them all together and send to david? also, anything you would like to have included in the liner notes - credits etc, please send them to me as well.

the last question that has come to me is whether the album should be called 'love on the second stair' or 'love on the 2nd stair'? i don't really have a preference myself, but i think its probably important to resolve it.



is any/everybody interested in going into radio skid row on the 6th of october to play live on air? there's a show on between 5 and 7 called kompaktion and they have guests each week. the station itself is a small community station which is housed in the same complex in marrickville that reverse garbage is at.

anyway, let me know who's up for it.

The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte

This release is available for free download. Click here.

released september, 2009

'The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte' is lead single from the album 'Love On The Second Stair'. It features the original version and three remixes. Actual Russian Brides push the track through abstract 8-bits and bouncing sub-bass. Karoshi redresses the song in his own lush chord arrangements and down-tempo groove. Telafonica recast their own track as a dark triptych with vocal cutups, abrasive grooves and bit-crushed melancholy.

The single is available for free download through 4-4-2 Music.


mars hill cafe - 14.11.09

on the bridge blog

there's a write-up bout the 20th project on a new blog run by the the bridge presenters on fbi. they asked if we might be interested in posting a track on it, so i sent 'the unravelling man'. so if you head over to the on the bridge blog you can read and listen.


more of me

i thought that seing as others amongst us have their own thing, that i, too, would like to embark on a sideline solo career. here is the cover of my first album. side two is a single 20 minute track recording a freaky jam i had with myself.


belafonte art

david sent this over a couple of days ago...

"I've made some images as a starting point for the belafonte stuff.
these are not CD shaped - there not really layouts.
I guess my aim was to bring through the nautical theme in some way but stick well clear of anything too twee - hence the abstract approach.
I think I also had a sense of connecting to the main album title with the stepped gradient.
hard to say what printing methods would make these images look better than a pile of noisey rubbish...
let me know how they resonate with you.



the quest for love aboard the belafonte text

david - i think this is all the text, i'll let you know if anything else comes up. the track titles are as they are as apra won't recognise multiple registrations of the same song. we are giving a percentage of the writing credits to each remixer for their version in lieu of not being able to pay them upfront, so need to register each version separately.

the last sentence is so that when we send hard copies around to radio/publicity etc, they can hopefully advertise that fact - feel free to change the wording, i'm not sure i've come up with the strongest wording.



the quest for love aboard the belafonte


1. the quest for love aboard the belafonte
2. the quest for actual russian brides aboard the belafonte (jaunty bering sea version)
3. the quest for karoshi aboard the belafonte
4. the quest for telafonica aboard the belafonte

all tracks written, performed and produced by telafonica
extra production for track 2 by actual russian brides
extra production for track 3 by beres jackson

artwork designed by kind permission




this release is a free netlabel download. feel free to copy it as often as you like and pass it to others.




Verge Festival Sydney Uni August 28, 2009

Adrian has been politely and persistently reminding me that I have not reviewed our last gig at Sydney Uni. Everybody knows that sometimes life gets in the way of art.
I have never been so excited about playing anywhere as I was about playing at Sydney Uni, my old stomping ground. I wasn't ready, however, for the huge smack of nostalgia that hit me as we stepped out of the Spacia in Manning Rd. From the corner where we played I could see at least five significant haunts of mine including the lovely lovely main quad. At 37, all the study frustration and teen frustration has eroded away and only the goodness remains. I was also surprised at the deep longing to see my brother again - my university guide, mentor and chuckle buddy.
Anyway, enough about me and my sentimental episodes.
Y'know what, I think we played the best ever so far - we were a machine we worked so well together, there was no other band's drum hogging the stage, the sound was clear and the mistakes were very very scarce. We had the very great delight of having a small crowd of friends who made the journey in to see us (big thanks to DJ Tigerlily and Jeanette, Annelise and co.) It was also an honour to meet Roslyn Russell (musician Zeta Puppis) who invited us to play in the first place and sound-guy-sorry-name-erased-from-memory, as well as Snowy's cousin, Steve, who was on tech duty at the festival and was really nice.
After some dark readings which sent Telafonica and friends scrambling for a happy place, Ellie donned her pink tutu, Adrian his top hat, and Blake his guitar about which he has some aesthetic reservations. I donned my dot-to-dot bass guitar, warmed up the typewriter and wound up the monkey. From the action on stage it was a monumental concert that true fans should be disappointed if they missed it (please excuse my self-congratulatory tone). The amount of pink face paint alone was unprecedented (thanks Courtney and friend).
I have to say, though, that the audience wasn't quite what I had imagined. Don't get me wrong. The people who stayed in the tent to listen were fantastic and when they started to move there was electricity. It's just, I thought that university students wouldn't be quite so sedate and sedentary - being young and all. Most people sat on the lawn and chatted, even when the DJ after us was playing music that was undeniably dictating the rhythm of every beating heart in hearing distance. Is this because university students have heads too full of information or is it because they have pockets too empty to buy the seemingly necessary medicines for losing one's inhibitions?
All in all, though, it was a thoroughly joyful experience. We had an absolute ball. Hey, we even got our own sound check! What more could you want?

I Can't Make You Love Me
Send Away
The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte
This Is The New Thing
Don't Speak For Me
But I Lose Myself
Voodoo Lady


pogo pogo made my night, last night

lois found this amazing remixing work and forwarded it onto me
he takes traditional disney films and chops up the dialogue and tunes to make some beautifully evocative electronic pieces

much of his work is freely downloadable on his last.fm page


20th july, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released july, 2009

Don't know if anyone can tell, but Telafonica in general was going through a bit of a The Middle East phase around this time! I also wanted to do something in a new time signature, so 7/4 it was. It's one guitar riff that has things built onto it over the course of 5 minutes. The percussion also was important - everything is in 7/4 technically, but accents are all different for each percussive things, breaking it up into 3/4+4/4, 4/4+3/4, 2/4+2/4+2/4+1/4 etc depending on what you listen to. Bec wrote the words, some of which I didn't quite get to fit naturally on first draft, but that can be fixed later.

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. 20-50/11-40at1602 - Cloudy
2. Stairwells For Ears - Future Conduit
3. It's A Conundrum - Vlayman
4. Walking With The Dinosaurs - WRC
5. Egg - Bag
6. Driving Into The Sun - Cloudy
7. Denaturalization - Merankorii
8. For You - +Ko+Ko+
9. Increasing - The Desks
10. The Wrong Address - Telafonica


pitchfork media

pitchfork media has a pretty great (and quite extensive) article on the history and cultural impact of the mp3. click the image to read it...


belafonte paper

when we play 'the quest for love aboard the belafonte' live, bec plays the rhythms on a typewriter. we found that the sound was louder if there was a piece of paper in the typewriter for the letters to actually hit. these are some photos bec took of the sheet of paper after it had been used a bit.

i thought they might be useful for you, david, perhaps as something to utilise in the artwork for the single. if not, that's fine. if you want some higher res copies, let me know.


verge arts festival

not exactly sure about any more details, but we're definitely playing, apparently!



album titles

i've spoken with david via e-mail (sorry the conversation didn't happen on the blog - i changed a setting last week which meant that it was impossible to leave a comment, so after trying that way and not succeeding, it switched to e-mail) and everything is set to go for artwork etc. but this will mean we need to settle on a title in the next reasonably short while in order for david to have something to work with. i've been calling it love on the second stair and i still don't mind it, but it's becoming a bit like a pun which becomes less appealing the more you hear it (everyone's seen the simpsons' b-sharps episode, haven't they?). not quite that drastic, but still...

the original conversation can be found here. not sure if that's helpful, but it's definitely a starting point. options we haven't considered at all so far are titles that are not found in the lyrics (as both 'i saw this and thought of you' and 'morpheme' were).

feel free to make any suggestions david & celli - a suggestion from outside the music making might be good.

if we could maybe settle on something by the beginning of next week, then david can have something to work from.


oxford art factory

looks like the spot in sydney's nicest room will have to be postponed...

>sorry, oaf have had to pull the plug on this one at this stage.
>Thanks for being keen though.
>Will be in touch
>Mark Smithers
>Booking Assistant
>Audio Engineer


art on the second stair

i've been looking through your parc-log, david, and wondering if we could use something like some of the things you've got up there in the artwork for the new album? or even some of those actual images if they have no other home? i've been thinking that the music would work well with something psychedelic (in the vein of, say animal collective, stuff on the notnotfun label etc), but i don't really like the idea of this being particularly retro. looking through the parc- images, i think some of them could be exactly what fits the sound of the music. i'm particularly thinking of the 'there is a castle on a cloud...', 'snow globe' and 'icarus' images. all have that quality of haziness that i think this bunch of music has, but are also not retro and, in particular, are consistent with artwork from previous telafonica releases. could this be something we can pursue?


thursdays, saturdays and sundays.

so we're booked in to play august 20 at the hollywood hotel in surry hills. we're on at 9:20 for 40 mins. and also, to confirm for your diaries, we are doing radio social at the world bar on sunday, september 20.

i've also made a tentative booking at mars hill for saturday, nov 14, in order to launch the new album. is everyone free for that and happy to play? any suggestions for support bands? lessons in time? or someone outside who can bring extra audience members?

and on that note, it also means we need to have an album ready ion the night. i would ideally love to have it ready about 3 weeks beforehand so we can send out promos to radio and media. david - is that a realistic timeframe in which to get the artwork together? i would imagine, say, october 23rd-ish.


words and gigs

the ever wonderful peter hollo of utility fog/raven/fourplay fame gave us mention, not once, but twice, in a recent interview on mess + noise magazine. maybe one day we should meet him in person!

the seekae/ghoul/megastick fanfare/parades/bearhug show last night was pretty incredible - one of my favourite shows of recent memory. due to the issues of a ;lack of parking space then the extensive line on the door, we didn't get to see bearhug. but parades were great (the first time i've seen them with bec in the band), and things continued to get even better from there. it was a close thing, but megastick fanfare were my favourite of the night. their ways with odd rhythm patterns were beautiful, and i am definitely inspired to be more adventurous in the live vocal processing stakes having seen them. ghoul were better live than i had thought they would be - i love their recordings but had read their live show was more anarchic and thrown together. turns out that just means they're a bit louder than recorded, but still awesome. and seekae were as impressive as ever, especially considering it was their first live show for 6 or 7 months. their beats were tougher and crunchier than i've heard them in the past, with some very strong dubstep influences coming through. i loved the performances of all the bands on the night, so it was great to be in the room. my only regret is that we weren't on the bill. ;)


peats ridge again?

ok. so i've been in gentle debate with bec over the last day and we've come to an agreement to apply to play at peats ridge festival again, with a few provisos. the first proviso is that everyone is free to play. so, is everyone free and wanting to play? now don't just jump in and say 'yes' with gusto. eliza, you did that last year and then 4 weeks out told us you'd be in parkes on the day! i know it's not very gen y, but these things get booked 5 months out, so we need to be planned 5 months ahead.

if you wanted to look at the line-up so far (which includes sarah blasko, sherlock's daughter, ghoul, deepchild and some other great people) you can go here.


20th june, 2009

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released jun, 2009

Blake had given me a bunch of chords and some little riffs. The chords were kind of 60s garage-y type things. i'd always thought it would be fun to try and mash the 60s' definition of garage (the rock sense) with the late 90s' definition of garage (the dance sense), so basically, this was the attempt to do so. i think it has potential, though it feels a bit obvious at the moment (but then, 60s and 90s garage are both pretty obvious, straight up kinds of things).

Bec's lyrics were, as is usual, inspired by recent musings and readings. I like them quite a bit. Maybe not quite the delivery - which feels pitched maybe a semi-tone or two above my cofort range!

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. Lactose - The Love Explosion
2. Chicken Snr - Bag
3. Dropping Bombs - 44Hertz
4. Something About A Man Who Walked into the Ocean and Never came back - Something About a Leaf
5. What Are You Gonna Do? - +ko+ko+
6. And She Whined - Vlayman
7. Words - WRC
8. Scarecrow in the Melon Patch - Telafonica
9. Solar Cycle (Revolution One) - Merankorii
10. Lie Detector - The Desks
11. Regular Task - Fisheads of Fun
12. XTL - Audiotape Audiotape
13. This is not Art - 44Hertz
14. Sketches for Galactic Domestic (parts 1&2) - Ryan of Nerf