wreckovery - jan 09

p.s. 'the telafonica sound system' means we'll be making laptop noises between the other bands - fragments of unfinished work, live room recording manipulations, dj fragments etc.


satisfied customer

from an internet friend (who's put out a couple of netreleases on 4-4-2 music) marek gabriel hruska...

"I completely fell in love with ANGELS WE HAVE HEARD blabla from that whale ep. Im listening to it like a bitch for past few days and im dying. Its just so f—awesome! I heard many versions of this carrol, no version was so chilli and tasty.

I only just needed to express my admiration and obsession with this song. Because it just fits for my christmas.. Exactly this strong-sad-earvision.

A great day to you!"

that's the kind of feedback we like to hear!!!


A Happy Day with a cornet, clarinet, clapping and a keyboard. and a suitcase/

i had some fun creative time this afternoon.
this is the result... i think, the direction i am heading with it is a good fit with some other 'lessons in time' songs i have, though i am happy for suggestions as to how it could fit with telafonica.
adrian-show me the music you have for bec's song.
that may fit. i was thinking that the cornet melody in this track could become the vocal melody in a more sombre section section. with little to no rhythm, only the fragile support of ambience. that is my idea.

laptop djs

blake - i'm officially the in between bands dj at the next wreckovery (the sunday thing we played at the excelsior) on sunday jan 11. i was thinking it might be a good outlet to play around with trying out some live laptop jamming - mixing half made stuff with the kind of live ambient recording you were talking about a few weeks back. we would just rock up with two laptops and a mixer and play away. would you be interested?


A Whale In A Manger

A Whale In A Manger is available for free download. click here

released december 6, 2008

Telafonica and its various members' solo projects played an end of year gig together on December 6, 2008. To commemorate, a limited edition Christmas EP was recorded, featuring the different offshoots - Lessons In Time, Eliza Magill, The Onestarband and The Bells, as well as Telafonica - doing versions of Christmas songs. Inspired by Sufjan Stevens and The Desks, the idea was to make a short run for friends and fans to receive for free at the show.

With all the physical copies now gone, the EP has been made available for free download through 4-4-2 Music. Featuring 320kbps mp3 files and 300 dpi pdf artwork. Or you can stream it on the player below.

Read a review here.


1. The Bells - A Whale In A Manger
2. Telafonica - Angels We Have Heard On High
3. Eliza Magill - Joy To The World
4. Lessons In Time - O Holy Night
5. The Onestarband - O Little Town Of Bethlehem
6. Telafonica - Good News (Sing For Joy)



mars hill photos - 6.12.08

photos courtesy of costa kamarados

This night of nights.

On a night (Saturday, 6th december) where the seemingly invincible shadows cast by lessons in time (blake, tim, alex and cory) and eliza magill posed great threat to any accompanying acts, telafonica stood firm and delivered with honest and strong intent.

With a couple of new songs, we (adrian, bec, eliza and blake) had lots of fun. the beats were big and the synths were obese; it was only ever going to be a wonderful set. 

The set began a touch before ten i believe; after eliza and blake had delivered their solo ventures to a steadily growing group of family, friends, tag alongs and assorted randoms. For 40-45 minutes or so, we played and played and sung.  Amongst a fairly energetic set list were the newbies, 'Angels we have heard on high' ('blending the edges'-the CAROL!) and 'Don't speak for me'. Personally, I loved playing both of these... it was a fairly wonderful night for Phil Gilbert's cornet.

The set list was as follows:

But I lose myself
Don't speak for me
Smells like rain
Angels we have heard on high
This is the new thing
Your hands
Nothing ventured


making and selling

a whole bunch of new discs and things to report. it's actually starting to do what i hoped it might do - there's a range of new music by different bits of telafonica and i think it's all quite good. i'm really happy with the christmas cd. the overlapping of voices and instruments between the different 'artists' actually makes a fairly cohesive listen, inspite of the distinct characteristics of each entity - though it's also interesting to be able to note the blurring of the lines between each which wasn't necessarily there at the beginning of the year.

i'll post images and stuff in the next few days, but we'll start trying to sell lessons in time and the telafonica 7" and more of eliza's ep and old telafonica albums and...

on that note, at the last couple of gigs i've had copies of the punches and the lies and morpheme with me. i made some new simple cases using recycled board. a few people at each have come up and asked if we had any cds to sell and i've told them i had these different things. they then look at me a little bemused, wondering what to do with that information and how to choose what to get. they then ask how much each thing is and when i tell the $5 each they say, oh, give me a copy of each then.

bec and i were talking to andy rantzen at the excelsior the other week. even at the height of itch-e & scratch-e's fame in the early 90s, he was only earning about $1500 a year in royalties. i would assume that actual sales income wouldn't have amounted to much once all the various parties took their cuts. so even at that level, which was relatively large at the time, a time where the industry was actually set up to make money from sales, which it no longer is, there's not a whole lot of chance of earning money. som, more and more, i'm thinking that the best idea is to make things as low cost for people to buy as possible, so that more people are just likely to get a copy that not. the $5 thing has worked so far, without actually even telling people that we have it.

to that end, we'll also give the digital download option that bec suggested a run tonight and see how that goes.


don't speak for me

this is the track bec and i put together for the 20th project a couple of weeks ago. i'm particularly pleased with the main rhythm loop which is me stamping and clapping while standing in front of the inbuilt mic of my laptop. and the new toy piano makes its first appearance in a recording. this is the version that will be on the compilation, but it has since changed a little - the chord structure after the final chorus is completely different to give it a sense of movement rather than just repeating what was already before, with added melodica. and blake will add some cornet as well. it's fairly inspired by early 80s new wave minimalist things like the flying lizards, bow wow wow and the plastics.


peats ridge times

i've just received details from the peats ridge festival organisers, and we will be doing a 45 minute set at 6pm on wednesday, december 31.


art and practice

i've been speaking with our various painters/artists over the last few days.

mele-katalina is away and won't be able to do the 6th of december. however, i have asked her to maybe take some photos of us some time, so if anyone has any ideas for band photos...

johan will be painting for us again, which i'm very excited about.

samantha will also be there to do something, but she suggested that rather than use a canvas, she did something on one of us. after discussing ideas coming from that, she's settled on the idea of, over the course of our set, painting onto each of our faces. that will mean that while each of us doesn't have their face pressed up against a micrphone, she'll flit between us and art us. after a suggestion from bec that it would be good to make sure it was going to work, sam is going to come to one of our rehearsals and practise it as we practise.

which also means we need to find some rehearsal time. between lessons in time, eliza magill and telafonica, rehearsal time is sitting at a premium. keep friday the 5th free - we'll have dinner and demolish a gingerbread house then rehearse - but sam can't do friday nights, so we'd need another time as well. we're free sunday, monday night, and wednesday night. another option may be that, seeing as it's uni break time, we could do an afternoon rehearsal, say from 4ish, which might free up some more time for others.


the thickness of white

how bizarre that you should post that plato quote, blake. i finished this off yesterday which is something i started on a couple of weeks ago. well, it's not necessarily finished, but it's presentable. i finally caught up with ricardo villalobos and luciano about 5 years after the rest of the (minimal techno) world, so they've been a fairly obvious inspiration here. the main idea is that, when not much happens, everything that does happen takes on much greater weight. you notice tiny shifts in sound which you wouldn't notice if everything was constantly changing as it does in the average 'song' song. so here it is (hopefully the full version will be accessable in the next few hours - until then it's only a 30 second preview, which pretty much defeats the point entirely).

the bass, which is the only melodic/harmonic element, is quite subliminal - you won't hear it on computer speakers, but it's mixed to sit well through a decent system.

oh, and the title is a reference to a series of rauschenberg paintings of the 1950s which were explorations of all white.



"Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity." -Plato


excelsior photos

all photos courtesy of nicholas gray, a.k.a. data transmit.

p.i.l. - rise

one of those songs where everything is just perfect. the kick drum. the tenseness of the violin. understated guitar. the pent up emotion which never quite explodes, making it even more menacing. john lydon's hair (which i am seriously considering copying).


the mixtape.

a few years back, david and i were thinking about what directions we might go musically. one of the things we did, which i really liked, was to make each other a compilation cd of the types of things each of us were thinking at the time. in the end, i'm not sure how useful it ended up being as we didn't do anything specifically straight after that, but i thought it was a great idea and i still listen to the cd david gave me.

if we are thinking of spending a block of time working on music in the summer holidays, i've been thinking that it might be nice to do a similar thing beforehand. so might i suggest to rebecca, eliza and blake that we each make a 30 minute compilation of music to give to each other in the next couple of weeks? i guess the idea is to make it of sounds that you think might be useful to blend into telafonica. so it might be just a bunch of stuff you like at the moment, but not necessarily so. it would obviously need to be within the reach of telafonica's sound, but telafonica's sound is very open to being pushed around. there might be things that are more to do with song structure than actual sound, or lyrical content etc etc. i figure between 4 30minute discs there would be an array of stuff, and possibly some suggestions of interesting combinations of sounds as well. that then would hopefully give us all an idea of the headspace we are entering in with.


Wreckovery at the Excelsior, Sunday November 16

Every gig this year has been a completely different (but always marvellous) adventure for Telafonica. Eliza was not there, which is a minus, especially for female conversation, and Blake was barely there, coming straight in after a week of schoolies. However, we must have played well because we impressed Ant and he doesn't drink. Enrique and Aaron very generously came to paint on stage and were very gracious about being squished to one side. Besides some nice red line paintings of the band, they also participated in the set's sonic crescendo by both painting and strumming Blake's guitar with their brushes.
As usual, our performance was only part of the pleasure. Musically: we were very pleased to be acquainted with the live performance of Luminarsi; we were thrilled as always to bask in the sonic beauty of Seekae; we were compelled to move and completely dazzled by Lunar Module. Socially: it was really lovely to get to know Andrew of Luminarsi; we had great conversation with Andy Rantzen (are now inspired to play music for free in a garden somewhere) and Michael MD; it was also fun to chat to Ant of Lunar Module - the mastermind of the whole afternoon; last but not least, we got to meet some of the wonderful audience members while we were on the door (always a great introduction - much better than the blinding light curtain of performance). Culinarily: had an absolutely fabulous serve of beer battered fish (very light and crispy) and chips with a homemade tartare sauce that I'm still thinking about!
All round, a very satisfying Sunday afternoon!

P.S. Must mention, Blake's Mum Michelle came along and finally got to see Blake's magic at work. Great to finally have someone to put on the door! Yay!

Set List

1. But I Lose Myself
2. Smells Like Rain
3. Blending the Edges
4. This is the New Thing
5. Your Hands
6. Manifesto


another name

this is a remix of 'japan bell disco' created by luminarsi, otherwise known as andrew maxam, and all round great guy. we'll be playing with him next sunday at the excelsior. he can also be heard on fbi radio every week at 10pm. he told me he'd been working on a remix of this a few months back. he asked me if i had any of the master tracks which, i assume, don't actually exist anymore since it was all done on the playstation. so he just took bits from the final,mastered track from the solid gold ii compilation. he deliberately gave it a brand new name as i told him about the history of misnomers given to the track on that cd (it is listed on that cd as 'paris bell' on the back and 'japan bell' on the inside, both of which, of course, are incorrect. so he made up yet another variation and went with it!


obama and the nearly controversy

something i've been meaning to do is upload the artworks that get done during our performances - i've still got some of mele-katalina's to upload sometime from a few months back. anyway, this is the collaboration between johan and tim at the bald faced stag on thursday, november 6. some vaguely significant event happened the day before which might have had an influence on the work. :)

actually, there's a story with it that i think is worth telling. we were playing our set and got probably about half way through, when we notice in front of the stage that the two bouncers are standing looking towards the artwork. these guys are built, and also happen to be black. then the sound guy approaches them and there's harsh words going back and forward and a little bit of hands on each others' shoulders kind of stuff. i look around at the painting and there's the words 'black is back' and the picture of obama, looking like a puppet. we, of course, can't actually hear what's going on between the bouncers and the sound guy. anyway, it seems to settle down and they head off. when i look at the painting at the end of the show, i notice that johan has added 'hope', 'change is here' and 'cut the bariere' in nice big writing. i could tell those bouncers had obviously freaked him out and he was making sure the message couldn't be misinterpreted! anyway, afterwards, the sound guy told us that the bouncers had been wandering around the audience checking i.d.s, and then started heading for the stage. the sound guy had thought they were coming to check out our i.d.s - mid set! he got a bit upset at that and told them to go away, which is where the 'incident' came from, so johan and tim were probably safe anyway.

the bald face stag

It would appear that the stag is much less feisty a creature than the fox. Last night was not the romp we had at the Sly Fox, it must be said, but it definitely was, as Eliza says "a whole fat sushi roll of fun". To eat together, to travel together (Telafonica is committed to eco-friendliness - at least until other members get their license and a functioning vehicle of their own), to laugh together and to perform together would be joy in itself, of course. But on top of all this, we got to welcome fabulous artists Tim Englebrecht and Johan Neeve into the growing honey hive that is Telafonica. And on top of this, we got to bathe in the powerful and beautiful music of Underlapper in a set that ended way too soon. And on top of this, we got to experience the fascination and musical mastery of The Parades. I personally have learned four things from last night's experience. One: Drummers who play standing up are a wonderful sight to behold. Two: I really like the art of Johan Neeve. Three: Tim Engelbrecht is a really lovely person, even with a hairless stomach. Four: Do not offer Johan dark chocolate. Make sure it's milk.

Set List
1. Manifesto
2. But I Lose Myself
3. Smells Like Rain
4. Separation
5. Nothing Ventured
6. This is the New Thing
7. Your Hands
8. An Invitation


New Equipment

Telafonica now has its very own balsa wood upright temperamental toy piano!


20th artwork

i've been making the covers for this month's 20th compilation over the last few days. thought i'd put up a picture of the finished things just to give an idea of the format - it's the same width and height as a jewel case but is just a sleeve, and is held together by the stitching down each side. would this work with your concept, david?

this cover recycles an old screenprint image you made once for a just like now poster, david, and features the number '20' embossed quite large on the front, though you can't really see it in the photo. the back has all the track info photocopied in black.

Grizzly Bear - Knife

it's probably a bit old now, but i've just discovered grizzly bear via a side project of their singer's which i just reviewed. anyway, this clip is pretty brilliant, in a strange, surreal way, and the music is nice and bitsy as well. though the sounds and visuals would appeal to various factions within telafonica. the final shot is also bizarrely hilarious, but it's worth sitting through the six minutes to get to it, or it might just seem peurile. as it is, it's just surrealist humour at its best.


monday arvo - the show

do we want to do a live track in the studio on monday afternoon? we can if we would like, but that would mean practising something - would you have time, blake? and if so, what should we play? we can always do this is the new thing again, but something new might be nice. nothing ventured could probably sound good with little instruments - though it would require blake learning some more mandolin bits. any other ideas?

I saw this and thought of you artwork

Initial concept for 'I saw this and thought of you' artwork. Working on the illustration in colour - but was playing with this outline treatment. 


afternoon show

samantha, one of the producers of fbi's afternoon show wrote and asked if a couple of us would like to go in next monday afternoon, mostly to plug thursday's show. is anyone free? i would need to get last period off school, but i think it would be worthwhile doing so, unless blake and eliza are both free and can get themselves there and are happy to do it that way?


art groupie photos

a couple of shots from the opening of art groupie. the crowd was actually much more crowded than it looks. still, no-one bought any of our works.



every few months i revisit the underworldlive site and fall in love with underworld all over again. i dream of being able to maintain the mix of design, art and music that they do in the form of telafonica. not in terms of copying their work, but definitely in terms of having those three (and anything else that might relate) interweaving, feeding off each other. i also love that the old band cycles of record, release, tour, rest are thrown out the window. their latest album is now about a year old, but using the 'net means that things are constantly refreshed, new artistic and musical works are thrown into the public domain and keep them interesting. the prices for their music downloads are a little capitalist for my taste but, aside from that, i think they have the model of artistic creation and output that i most like.


welcome from peat

i've just got off the phone from one of the organisers of the peat's ridge festival and we've been asked to play. the director of the festival, matt, came to the all india radio show and talked to us afterwards, and the music booker who i just spoke to (sorry, i've forgotten his name, but i'll update as soon as i remember it!) will be coming along to the show on the 6th.

so the festival runs from december 29 until january 1st. i don't know exactly when we'll be playing yet - they're getting the schedule together now and should let us know over the weekend. i'll let everyone know our playing time as soon as i find out.

needless to say, i'm pretty excited. there's a bunch of bands i really love who will be playing - pivot, papa vs pretty, the dolly rocker movement, celli's lil bro in cloud control, sui zhen, mark pritchard, cuthbert and the nightwalkers. hope some of you can make it up there with me!

you can have a look here.


Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror

this release is available for free download along with artwork. for more details and download info, visit the 4-4-2 Music website.
released october, 2008

Craven Canary normally floats around cyberspace finding music she likes, then records herself singing duets with what she downloads. This time, she decided to reverse the process - and so placed a recording of her lone voice singing a simple melody for others to download and make up the accompaniment. These are two of the results. The first is a glitched up scramble of the accapella, where Lessons In Time used only the sounds from Craven Canary's recording, then chopped and processed them into an abstract folk deconstruction. Telafonica dressed the voice in a dark, atmospheric, airless house groove for a collision of musical impulses.

1. Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror (Lessons In Time Version)
2. Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror (Telafonica Version)



A Request for Blake

Hi Blake!

I wrote some words ages ago for a song which I am calling "Cover" and I want to have a go at "making" the music myself. (Every time I ask AJE about making music for it he says, "For what?" like it's the first time I've asked.) Anyway, I was listening to Sufjan Stevens' A Sun Came! and I really like track 7 - Wordsworth's Ridge. It's kind of made up of all these little arpeggios on different instruments and they build and build until the singing starts. I was wondering if you could create a little guitary bit to play over and over and that could be added to on other instruments. Something sweet or melancholy but not saccharin. But pretty. Y'know, something very Blake. Here are the words, in case it helps:


The end of all things is near
Come here my friend, come over here
This love is deep enough to cover
All your slings and arrows

The blow comes swift
It takes my breath
But I'd do it again
I would do it again

The road goes back
Through winding ways
I would go there again
Yes I would

The view from here
Is a fiery red
And the thoughts that force themselves
Into my head
Are of lingering doubt
And a nagging dread
But I will go
I will go there with you

The end of all things is near...

Anyway, something to think about when you're sick of studying! : )

i don't have what it takes

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released october, 2008

here's the official telafonica contribution to the october version of the 20th project. the main vocal is a little off-key here and there, but, hey, we only had a few hours to get the whole thing done from nothing at all to completion. actually, while we were working on it, i kind of felt like i could understand how the beatles worked during the early 60s - writing, recording and releasing two albums a year. you just make decisions quicker and go with the flow more.

the mandolin riff is ripped off a very old u2 b-side - boomerang ii (the vocal memory sort of follows it, too, though has more melodic and harmonic meanderings). the drum sounds are courtesy of my brand new tom waits sampled drum kit in ableton live. bec wrote the words.

bec wrote the lyrics, adrian did the music. on the same day, blake was working on a lessons in time contribution which also appears on the compilation.

i also got to do the artwork for the compilation, which involved reusing one of davids old screen designs for a just like now poster onto card, emossing '20' on the front, then folding and sewing the edges.

1. COMMAS - A Tribute
2. FISHEADS OF FUN - Det Blir Nog Bra I Alla Fall
4. LESSONS IN TIME - My Humble Address To The Peaceful Dinosaur
5. BAGLEY - River To Your Right
6. TELAFONICA - I Don't Have What It Takes
7. COMMUNITY MUSK - Seven Times
8. THE DESKS - Unlined, p1
9. 44HERTZ - Cherries


near foregone conclusions

here's something i worked on a couple of weeks ago. it's barely there at all, basically a bass line and a beat, though the aim is to keep it fairly minimal. i discovered (via the ever trusty wire magazine) a finnish phenomenon called skwee which i have found to be quite likeable, so that's kind of the starting point for the track. i've passed it on to eliza to see if she can perhaps produced something vocal to sit on it. there's obviously much more work to do, but it's a start.

as an amusing aside, i tried to load this into imeem yesterday and the first attempt didn't work. today, when i checked it out at imeem, it says that both versions worked and are available. however, when i tried to get to the second upload i did yesterday, the school's internet filter blocked it and gave me the following message:

>... has been denied for the following reason:
>Weighted phrase limit exceeded.
>Pornography (Japanese)

you will probably need to play the track backwards to hear any of the porn, though.


i think it's sorted

well, to finalise all that - it seems to be working fine now. my assumption is that there is some process happening at imeem which means full versions aren't available for a few hours after they're put up, but after about a day, it all seems to be fine. if that doesn't seem right on anyone else's computer let me know.

if it is ok, then feel free to start uploading whenever you like.


the separation

so, this is possibly just to test out the new imeem system, but this version hasn't yet been posted, so here it is. this is the most recent version, edited and mixed by blake - perhaps he can add anything i miss. there's new guitar bits, and the backing has stripped down to give everything more space.


at long last...!

...a way to embed individual songs directly onto the blog!!!!

i've set up an account at imeem.com. it's basically just another social networking site, but it gives you the ability to upload as much of your own music as you like plus, more importantly (because virb already allowed that) you can then embed playlists from imeem anywhere you want. so for demos as we work on them, we can load them in then embed them directly onto the blog, meaning all comments and stuff can be done right here, rather than flipping between virb and the blog or whatever. and it's free, unlike the wordpress option.

as a trial, i uploaded an mp3 of the track from the 20th compilation, which is 'but i lose myself'. it worked so i'm very happy.

and, on the subject of working technology out, last week i also worked out how to build my own drum kits in ableton live using samplesz. so i've rebuilt my old house and techno kits from back in the asr-10 days, and also a new kit featuring various bangs and clangs sampled from tom waits recordings.

20th (September 2008)

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released september, 2008

The 20th project is one Telafonica came across a couple of months back and thought it would be great to take part. The premise is that on the 20th day of every month, musicians completely compose and record a brand new piece of music. There's to be no forethought leading up to the 20th, just a complete creative outburst on the day. These are then sent to the fine folk at Cabinet Pin, who put all the tracks on a CD-R, whack it in a handmade custom case, and send a copy to all participants. The only way to get a copy is to be on the compilation.

This was our first go at it, and luckily it fell on a Saturday, so we had time to get it all together. Rebecca and Adrian created the Telafonica track. We'd been listening to the Go! Team the night before, and it kind of tells. Blake can be heard elsewhere in his Lessons In Time guise.

Disc One
1. Abstract Transient - Coastal Stations
2. Telafonica - But I Lose Myself
3. The Desks - Flee!
4. Zigfried's Quest - Trouble
5. Rainboat - Redstone 1A
6. 44Hertz - Disco Mafia
7. Fisheads Of Fun - Independent Foundation
8. The Bottle Thieves - The Canberra Trilogy
9. RainBoat - Ares III
10. 44Hertz - Shamanic Rituals
11. Fisheads Of Fun - Second To None
12. Tony Eales - Tastee
13. RainBoat - Project Gemini
14. Kane Black - First Dust
15. The Desks - Fake Finale

Disc Two
1. Lessons In Time - In Regards To The Sorry Souls Of The Pretty Showmen
2. Fisheads Of Fun - Expect High Stay To A Few More
3. RainBoat - Saturn V
4. Commas & Dots - Drippiness
5. The Desks - I'm Listening
6. Wade - Eyry
7. Fisheads Of Fun - Financial Gloom
8. The Desks - Impersonating Monsters
9. Bagley - Domestic
10. RainBoat - Maercury-Atlas 6
11. 44Hertz - 360
12. Fisheads Of Fun - Live Stream
13. The Desks - We Float And Burst
14. Love's Children - Wait For The Sun To Rise
15. Tony Ealesz - Drifter


bald faced stag - 6.11.08



have we received the vinyls from new zealand yet?
whether we have or not by now... will we hopefully use the november 6 one for a launch?
i will be there for that one!!
(if i am still 'in'vited). :)


you sly fox

telafonica had an absolute ball last night at the sly fox. the guys from brackets were really lovely and looked after us well. after camilla and m.o.r. (love the horse head), the crowd was really ready to move and scream. they made us feel really welcome. we felt like we were playing in a stadium full of adoring fans instead of a little pub. they lapped up our two new songs - "but i lose myself" and "the separation" - with relish. very thrilling and humbling. it turned out to be a good thing that blake wasn't there because there was absolutely no room onstage. it was great to meet the wonderful door man who thought i was underage instead of twice the age. he was a real sweety. there were people there who were taking photos - if you were one of them, it would be great to get a copy - there are no performance photos of telafonica 2008.
our set list was as follows:
1. smells like rain
2. but i lose myself
3. the separation prepared this for another marriage
4. nothing ventured
5.this is the new thing
6. your hands
7. 89
many thanks to the sly fox, brackets and all the dancers, screamers and rhythmic nodders!


still thinking of you

ok. so i want to get this backlog of music released, and then get going on the new eps etc. i have just ordered an album by an artist called color cassette. the album is 8 tracks long. what interests me most about it is that it uses the old vinyl idea of side a and side b, but in a new light. the album comes as two 3" cds - 1 cd is 'side a' and the other cd is 'side b'. i like this idea. so, a proposal....

for those in england - have a listen through again to the tracks for 'i saw this and thought of you'. choose the two you like least and discard them. of the remaining 8 tracks, decide upon a running order, 4 tracks per 'side'. this then becomes our album. the packaging still remains simple but good, so we can sell the album relatively cheaply - say $10. maybe an insert with a single colour screenprint plus black photocopy at a3 size - a poster on one side with info on the other? the two cds are stuck one on either side of a piece of card, sitting on a foam dot each - so they are literally two sides. the whole thing could maybe be put into an envelope.

the other two tracks can be put out as an e-single, or saved and worked on for later ep use or something like that.

yes? no?


i'm finally here

hey! adrian finally let me in this blog. it took me a long time to think of something worthy enough to say. special hello to dave, celli, steve, ellie, blake as well as oliver from (is) who was so entertained by my cymbal work. i have an idea! how would it work at gigs to sell e.p.'s in such a way that after we play, fans can pay $1.00 and download the e.p. straight off the mac onto a memory stick or mp3 player? very cheap all round, more likely to make a sale. anyway, there's my light bulb. hope everyone is well. love to all!

fluffy rabbit

i (along with, but separate to, blake) have been working on some remixes over the past few weeks. i think i might begin to just randomly find these kinds of things via myspace etc and do them. i've decided it might be a good way to try out ideas relatively quickly and get them out, and then see the results to see if the ideas are worth pursuing in our own music down the track. i just finished one last night for a guy called tidy kid. it's now on both our myspace page (because that's where he asked for them to be to initially hear them) and on the virb page (because that's where i'm putting everything!). there's a bit of a write-up with it on the virb page. tidy kid normally doesn't do cheesy stuff, but some of the samples given for this remix are quite cheesy. i mostly disregarded them and make something else.


Art Groupie (2008)

for more details on the Art Groupie (2008) compilation visit Groovescooter Records.
released september 26, 2008

Following the success of the 2006 Art Groupie show, the fine folk at Groovescooter Records expanded for the 2008 version, with over 30 artists and their artworks. That, of course, means that the compilation discs were expanded as well, into a double CD set. Featuring hand painted and stamped artwork from Paris at Groovescooter, the discs were originally only available as freebies at the opening of the exhibition. Disc One is the mellower of the two, while Disc Two features more raucous and up-tempo offerings. That's where you'll find Telafonica's 'Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel", slightly edited and segued expertly with the tracks around it. In fact, this attention to detail in the programming makes this a remarkably cohesive listening collection considering the diverse range of sounds across the two discs.

Disc One
1. Amanda Stewart - Residue
2. Amanda Cole - Vibraphone Theory II
3. O||O - That Sound
4. Peret Mako - The Plot Thickens
5. iota - Drop Down Angels
6. Nicola Schultz - Shih
7. Steve Kilbey - Wolfe
8. All India Radio - Persist
9. Night Radio - Maps In The Sky
10. Melanie Horsnall - Lovers Home
11. Zeal - Yumi And The Sky
12. Heidi Elva - Nothing Is What It Seems
13. Mick Turner - Neither Here Nor There

Disc Two
1. The Hoo-Haas - Hick Up 'Ere
2. Caroline Kennedy - Meer Acken
3. Gustoclout - Car Of Idiots
4. Ben Ely's Radio 5 - I'm Psyched
5. Danger Of Death - Nancy Boy (Hot Plate Mixdown)
6. Cherry2000 - Feel Like A Man
7. Telafonica - Everything Is Green Except The Way I Feel
8. Justin Cooper - Refused Morning
9. The Dub Dentist - The Dark Side
10. Deprogram - Monkey
11. Toy Death - Smothered Love
12. Kristofir - The Information Booth
13. Don Meers - Ghost Train (Mothloop Remix)
14. Forenzics - Submariner
15. Volume=Colour - Passing Signs


cardboard and paint

i realised yesterday that i didn't have a leisurely 4 days to build the covers as i originally thought because i am heading to canberra for a 2 day excursion. so i did a week's worth of screenprinting (4 layers in cmyk - 53 copies - that's all the a3 cardboard the newsagents had left - we're getting 60 discs) in a day today and have 11 cut and folded so far. now all we need is for the actual discs to arrive by thursday and everything will be great.


september cup


i updated my virb page, in thinking only good of your (Adrian) idea about using it as a kind of blogging tool.
there you go.

20th on cabinet pin

well, as promised nearly a month ago, bec and i had a go at the 20th thing for cabinet pin music. blake also created something, but i'm assuming that will be lessons in time. the piece bec and i worked on is up at the virb site so have a listen a feel free to give feedback.


the separation

another updated mix of the separation is now up on virb - the separation demo 18-9-08. i've removed a lot of sounds so there's a lot more space, and re-dynamicised it, as well as clean the ending up a little.

i'll also get around to converting the virb site into a kind of blog for progressing demos. my idea is to just upload them as we go (i don't think there's a limit to how much you can upload on virb, though i could be wrong) and give a brief written explanation for each.


about telafonica

i added an 'about telafonica' section on the right column today. read through and tell me if it's too wanky/not wanky enough/accurate/workable etc etc.


the separation prepared this for another marriage

eliza did a quick recording of a vocal - one take, hand held sm58 so it's pretty raw. i did an even quicker mixdown with a simple reverb and compression on it, just so the idea is hearable. it doesn't end as such as we just cut and paste the middle section on the end to fit eliza's words, and that also causes the dynamics to move etc etc etc...but you get the idea. i've uploaded the track to the virb page, so have a listen and make any comments.



I don't get your letter to the guitarist...


it's all handmade these days mostly

david, i figured this was for art groupie, which you are in by virtue of the fact that you're in telafonica, so it warranted a place here.
i kno w you're probably not much in the headspace to make business decisions, with reverse jetlag now upon you just as you were almost getting over the original jetlag but...a deadline is upon us!

i got the screen done today and printed up some prints. i've decided that i'm just not capable of working with any sort of precision on this scale without the industrial end of equipment necessary for making screens. so here it is. obviously there are serious issues in the print with lots of patchy areas. i've taken some close-ups of some of the patchier areas to give you a full indication. in terms of print quality, it is just about perfect - all the patchiness is in the screen. i do like it in its way, but think it would probably be more successful as a layer in something a bit more complex.

anyway - what do you want to do? i can do more of these no problem. or i can get some printed up digitally. or we can go with the two you gave me. but it needs to be decided today or tomorrow so i can get framing done.


dear mr wassell

Dear Mr Wassell.

Telafonica will no longer be requiring your services. We have found another guitarist who fit right in, played live with us without even a rehearsal and, most importantly, took a mere fraction of the time to set up that you yourself normally take.

We sincerely thank you for your past input.

Adrian Elmer
on behalf of the entire Telafonica team.


i concur.

i agree with you, Adrian and Marcella (Hi Marcella, I'm Blake).. and I find interesting your point Marcella, in regards to the possibility of splitting the 'almost' released album..
Is that a serious consideration/possibility?... splitting the songs in the album into two, three ep's,,,

in thinking about my own, individual music and the way it should be presented, i saw the idea of the 'ep' having one common theme, direction etc.. as being the most logical and effective. and also it would give the most respect to each individual song on it. Rather than just being heaped together with all other songs written and produced in a period, the purpose of a song in itself (and collectively with others), becomes more significant... not just another piece to fill up 3-5 minutes on a disc.
in saying this, however, i do not think that this is anywhere near impossible in producing albums (maybe just a easy habit to fall into)... there are several albums i can think of that keep a central mood and musical purpose. which i really like.

short releases are a lot more appealing to the passing audience members i agree-adrian. so i think that they are good idea to pursue in the near future.
we should think about that in regards to the moving along of a couple of songs at the moment... 'the separation', your funky bass song... 


morpheme online

it's not downloadable but you cam stream at any time - http://www.last.fm/music/Telafonica/Morpheme

i'll get downloadable versions up on archive.org soon, but they were already uploaded at lastfm - i just had to cahnge some settings to make them all listenable in full.


Do you think we should make Morpheme available on the web somewhere for free? How many copies have you got left? If you don't want to could you put it somewhere for me to access, maybe the archive, so I can get to it if I want to? Might sound strange but being so far away from things makes you want to have access and when you don't it gets frustrating, not that I have any specific purpose for wanting it I just do! Actually I was trying to remember the words to some songs and couldn't and wanted to find them online...

yep yep yep

Adrian Elmer, I think you've hit on a genius plan. Yep yep yep I agree wholeheartedly in the mini release concept. I think this would help with some of the more eclectic work not having to hang necessarily together on an album. I even think we should do this for the stuff mooted for album #2, break it down, do a staggered release of this stuff. What do you think about this?


excelsior hotel - 25.9.08

release culture

"The rise of CD-R culture has created a new aesthetic imperative among its listeners. The album is no longer to be perceived as a definitive statement, a honing down or summing up of an artist's concerns over a period of time. The notion that an album is a real-time snapshot, with its ephemerality deemed a plus point, is becoming more prevalent. Obviously, this makes financial sense; with recording and production costs so low, artists can't be blamed for cashing in by releasing everything they do. In any case, there's a hunger for these artefacts - though one imagines a substantial proportion of the audience are at it themselves - a need for something rough and real in an age of glossy cultural surfaces."

Keith Moline
in a review of releases by Ilyas Ahmed
Wire magazine
September 2008

i've become fairly enamoured of the d.i.y. approach to many things over the last few years. what has always bothered me a little, however, is that there is a d.i.y. aesthetic as well as a d.i.y. attitude. i generally subscribe to the d.i.y. attitude, but generally wouldn't immerse myself (though i have a passing interest in) the d.i.y. aesthetic, which often falls into the anti-music end of the spectrum. for me, i want to use the attitude but make things i personally love. i remember when we were planning artwork for the morpheme album, david saying that he liked the tension of being handmade without being nihilistic. i think that sums it up really well and it has actually grown into something of a manifesto for me.

but i also think that digital music distribution, in whatever form, is basically killing the album format. now i love albums more than anybody, but there are realities to face and the best way forward is to figure out solutions for the new paradigms, rather than try to fly in thier face, which is ultimately pretty futile. if you are an established artist, i think the album will still be around for you for a few years yet. but we are not that, and there's other options.

at this stage for us in the current landscape, i think steady streams of less work are more useful than big statements. i'm currently really liking the idea of short runs of things to sell at gigs etc, being sold very cheaply, and then maybe getting them online for free a year or so down the track. realistically, not many people are any longer going to shell out $30 or $20 for an album if they have a passing interest in you. however, there's a reasonable chance they might give you $5 for a 4 or 5 track ep if they have a passing interest in you. for my own satisfaction, the key is to still make that ep aesthetically pleasing, and an object in and of itself, while maintaining a budget just above zero. i'd really be happy to have a release every few months which, over time, would plot a progression. that paradigm also gives much more scope for diversification. for example, i love pop music, but i also love minimal electronic music. i can kill myself trying to work out how to mix the two across 12 tracks that can sit together on an album, or i can do a handful of each and get them out as separately released entities (though i'm not a fan of infinite aliases, i'm much more than happy for acoustic pop and minimal electronics to all be telafonica). and with people now drafted into our little collective (steve, blake, eliza) who all do their own things outside as well, i have to say i'm quite excited by the prospect of what the telafonica family could end up producing. and i do think the sheer weight of numbers of good quality stuff (because i think all the things the different people do are of good quality) will eventually create its own momentum, as it's already beginning to do.

vinyl record enthusiast peter king

i spent 25 minutes on the phone to peter king in new zealand last night. he sounds like a great guy. he went through everything we need to get things prepared for him to press the 7" records. so today i am mailing him a small parcel containing everything he needs to make 60 lathe cut 7" records for us. i'm quite excited. there's currently about a 5 week turnaround, but i told him about the launch on the 24th and he said they should be able to have them to us for that.

as soon as i finish this blog post, i'll upload some mp3s of the two tracks onto our virb site.


democratise the internet my arse - only if democracy directly = capitalism!

so i just spent a heap of time transferring things across to a wordpress blog, then tried to upload music, only to find that, in order to upload music, you have to buy a bonus feature which gives you extra storage space and the ability to upload mp3s directly. costs 5 cents a day.

and to change anything in the css, you have to pay for an upgrade on that as well. an extra 4 cents a day.

i'm liking blogger more and more. i've been thinking we should maybe just use the virb site as a repository of mp3s in progress - it rarely gets viewed and doesn't receive a whole lot of attention from within the band, so, though it's public, it's secluded enough, especially if we take reference to it on this blog and myspace away, that only the real diehard might come across things (and is it such a problem to air those things publicly anyway?).


blogger vs word press

david - the cyclic defrost blog is built using wordpress. there is a function there to be able to upload audio in a post, which is something i'd really like to be able to do here with demos in progress, but can't using blogger. do you know much about wordpress? can we import our entire blog without having to start again? is it worth moving it to a different platform? or should we just wait around for blogger to add the feature and look for a workaround in the meantime?

also, is it possible to get that image from you for the blog - the old background image - or a new one? i miss the visual aspect which i enjoyed a lot before.

here's one for those who aren't allowed to walk straight.

caesar is an interesting character.
i am studying him and his 'adopted son' octavian a lot.
i now have two delay pedals.
i wrote a divine riff on the old dobro today..
too bad i cannot put that guitar through my pedals the conventional way.. those damn optimates would not allow it! lucky caesar took over. now i might be able to do it if i play loud enough.


hey mum.

telafonica on the lounge at the world bar, kings cross, august 22, 2008.

set list:
an invitation
smells like rain
blending the edges
this is the new thing
nothing ventured


something i came across and hold to.

an artist i am acquainted with referred to this quote in a piece he wrote on songwriting...

"One thing about any definition of a golden age, for me, is that it is the point where the desires of the creator are greater than the technology which is available. There comes a moment when the technology gets closer and closer to the imagination/creativity of the writer. In the end if you're not careful it overtakes and suddenly, serendipity, which before was from your own sweat and blood, comes by and says, "If I press one of these 397 buttons on this synthesizer maybe I'll get something out of it." Now at that moment, the machinery is driving the creativity and the creativity is not driving the machinery. Maybe thats where the golden age stops…."

-David Cain (BBC Radiophonic Composer 1967-73)


this looks like a remarkably cool thing to get involved with. i just found out about it now, so it might be a bit late for this month (though maybe not for those in london, time differences and all), but definitely something i think i'd like to do in future.



7 players hunh? were they fat or lean? perhaps this is a vision of the future of either a) your sports career b) telafonica c) all of the above.

Also you can make this a reality in 2 weeks too!

So I guess I'm logged back on this thing, cool.


i had a dream the other night, after learning david would be coming to sydney for a week or so - i dreamt that i went to some local park somewhere to watch football, and you happened to be there, david. you had come back from london for a week. so we hugged as a greeting, then we stood watching the football and you had your arm around my shoulder. then a group of 6 or 7 guys walked past and started having a go at us for being gay. i don't remember any of the dream after that.


the separation.

after much experimentation. and deliberation.

i have an idea. in regards to the song being talked about and worked on in the last days-weeks.

we keep the original introductory section. and drop my new one for a completely different song.
whatcha think?

the original two sections gel-led a bit better... so perhaps we can just refine those sections...?


nothing ventured / an invitation

in light nothing ventured being playlisted (and that we don't have our album/mini album hing ready yet, cough cough), i thought it might be worth fast tracking the idea to get a lathe-cut 7" together. there's a guy in new zealand named peter king who does them for all the d.i.y. folk (chris of alps fame directed me towards him). he's fully old school so doesn't even have e-mail, but some guy in america has set up a website for him (http://home.comcast.net/~cassetto/kingrates.html). because of the very strong exchange rate, it's relatively cheap and tiny runs can be done. i'm thinking that 60 7"s might be the way to go, making it so that we need to sell about half of them to cover the costs.

so i spent today finishing the mixing of both nothing ventured and an invitation. i'll send some promo cds to radio this week and get onto getting the records cut. i think the main question, blake, is an invitation going to be credited as telafonica or as lessons in time? i don't mind too much either way, though it is firmly entrenched into the telafonica consciousness these days. :)

i'm planning to screenprint the cmyk clown prints for the sleeves. if we can get it all together we can use the gig on september 24 as a launch for it.


the wonderful world of world wide web

is anyone else having trouble getting to the blog? i can't get to it via www.kindpermission.com/telafonica, or via www. telafonica.com. i only seem to be able to get in via blogger.com, in which case all our own formatting (the picture of david etc) is gone. blogger.com itself was down for maintenance yesterday - is that the problem? also, i noticed that the kindpermission.com site has had an update - has something happened with things at that end that's disrupting normal proceedings?


fbi rotation

fbi has added nothing ventured to it's c-rotation list. not exactly sure what that means other than it will get played on the radio semi-regularly for a few weeks, which is quite nice. i really need to finish the recording so they can have a proper version, rather than the demo-ish one i've given them on our gig promo cds!



so, how do we go about collating this 'zine from here? i'm happy to put it all together. it can be uploaded onto archive.org, the same place all of 4-4-2 music's netlabel releases are sored, but we'll need to actually turn all the artworks into a single zine first.


some types of new please me-these types.

"Dear Mr Elmer

From 1 July 2008 it is no longer an offence for a minor to be in a bar area of a hotel or club if he/she is there to perform in a show or other live entertainment as long as they are in the company of a responsible adult (parent or guardian). Section 123 (3) of the new Liquor Act.

Andrew Bennett
Senior Development Officer
Communications Branch
P +61 2 9995 0417· F +61 2 9995 0669
323 Castlereagh Street · Haymarket NSW 2000

this is med. this is real med.

nsw catches up

"Dear Mr Elmer

From 1 July 2008 it is no longer an offence for a minor to be in a bar area of a hotel or club if he/she is there to perform in a show or other live entertainment as long as they are in the company of a responsible adult (parent or guardian). Section 123 (3) of the new Liquor Act.

Andrew Bennett
Senior Development Officer
Communications Branch
P +61 2 9995 0417· F +61 2 9995 0669
323 Castlereagh Street · Haymarket NSW 2000




thought i'd stick up some photos of the live setup at the moment. it doesn't include blake's stuff though, because our next gig will just be with bec, ellie and i. we got some music stands on ebay so can set things up a bit more modularly than with the old ironing boards. bec's got a bunch of gear to hide behind - a glockenspiel and a stand of percussion and cymbals.

on a different note, if you type in telafonica.com now, you will be directed to this page. i'm happy to transfer all the content across to my server, david, but i don't actually know how - any advice?


spare money? after cd production perhaps...

i think we should consider getting a keyboard or two...
or some more midi control things so we can get more live keyboarding going on.

how hard the typical stages would find it to cater for the extra things i don't really know..


the more objects/machines we can make noise with, the better i think... but balance.. hmm. yes.

but a nice little keyboard or something yes? 


Plastics - Good [Live 1980]

i have to say - i've become slightly obsessed with this band in recent weeks. i discovered them on a movie which jean michel basquiat was in which is called downtown 81. this band features in it - the plan was they were going to be huge in new york. the film never got completed until 2000 and they never really were big, except for a little bit in japan, though a few of them have gone on to bigger and better things. but this is lo-fi new wave at its best, i think.


zine theme no.1

don't desert me once again.

yeah, it's possibly slightly in-jokey, but i think it's broad and evocative enough to work as a starting point. and it's original meaning in this is the new thing had no humourous implications.

so, a two week turnaround for submitting work?


book of jam

i've been wandering around the new tomato site, in awe, of course. one of the links is back to the underworldlive.com website. i joined it a few years ago to download those download only releases but haven't had a look around in quite a while. one of the newer features is the book of jam series - a set of downloadable pdf magazines. if you're not already subscribed, i recommend doing so just for these. i think the idea is wonderful and i think we should do it. david, you talked about having art energy flying around but 97% never getting out. i think mostly it's because you're a perfectionist in this area and won't let anything out unless it's perfectly formed. that is, when it will be recognised as your own work, not client work. what if you had a go at just putting something together that, because it's not a definitive thing (album artwork etc) could possibly come out a little less preciously? we've talked about making a zine, lets do a pdf zine. there's you bunch in england, there's us here who mostly do art of some sort. we could give ourselves a theme and a deadline and just do it. a short deadline, like a week or 2, so it doesn't get away, and whatever we have ready goes in. i guess i'm asking you to drop the quality control levels, dave, but i think the benefits would be extensive. we'd do it in a series, so every so often we put a new one together, under the same title each time, just a regular publication to try things out - and hopefully even get feedback - i'm sure someone would be interested in downloading it.


hot hot hot

since there are many fans among our ranks - http://www.ableton.com/hot-chip?i=nl

absolutely no equipment envy on my part. :)


warehouses and churches

i rang the folks at the hutch - the warehouse we played at a few weeks ago - last thursday. we had organised the week before that i'd go in and meet them all and talk about organising some shows there. so i rang just to check the meeting was still on, and the girl said that, unfortunately, they'd had some trouble with the council and they wouldn't be putting things on for a while. so that door has closed. the warehouse scene is aesthetically great but like chasing bubbles - they come and go so quickly it's mostly just by accident that you get to do anything in one.

however, one of the shows i was hoping to set up there has been organised at another venue. all india radio are coming up from melbourne at the end of september. all india radio are one of the bands that remixed tape noise for the punches or the lies. they've got a night at our new stomping ground - the excelsior. so they've asked us to play, they will also be on the bill. the third act will be martin - the lead guy from all india radio, doing a set with steve kilbey. now, the name steve kilbey may not mean too much to you young folk, but to an old man like me, steve kilbey is australian indi music royalty. he was (and still is, as far as i am aware) the lead singer of the church, one of australia's most well known bands internationally during the 80s and into the 90s. i'm definitely excited to be on a bill with him. so that's happening on thursday, september 25. blake, i think you will need to be there.

white williams - violator

i wonder if he's ever been to one of our gigs?


The Man With The Golden Sickle

to download the 'MAN WITH THE GOLDEN SICKLE' single visit
4-4-2 music's netlabel page

released december 30, 2006

4-4-2 music's netlabel arm has an e-single of the month club where a
different artists releases a virtual 7" single every month and december
2006 sees telafonica release two tracks. both tracks are technically
outtakes from the morpheme album, tracks that ended up not quite
fitting in or being not quite complete. however, they have been
polished up and made available for free here. they are exclusive and
not available on any other release.


A. The Man With The Golden Sickle (mp3)
B. Side One (mp3)



david - i'm thinking that the old telafonica.com site is pretty much redundant. should we update the forwarding? there's two options that i can think of - one is to switch the kindpermission.com/telafonica stuff across to my server, the other is to update the redirection for telafonica.com over to kindpermission.com/telafonica. either is fine with me - what would be best at your end? the third option, of course, is the old idea of telafonica.com being a random, abstract art site which doesn't actually do anything in terms of giving info to anybody, but works as an ethereal kind of visual presence. any thoughts?


bill dixon on music

"...The only audience that really counts is the audience that wants what the artist is producing. Musicians are like anyone else, they do what they do because, with the real ones, that is who they are, and as a consequence of that they gravitate towards like minds. I have met very few serious musicians who seriously wanted to devote their time to some listener's wish list of the Top Ten or the most 'in demand'. In order for the neophyte, uneducated, naive listener to get something out of something, he or she has to want to get that something, and has to bring something to that wanting. Said another way, when the student is ready, the master arrives."

Bill Dixon
The Wire
July 2008 edition


the other telefonica

i know they definitely don't need the publicity, and it's a direct rip-off of a daft punk clip, i couldn't resist...


someone had to post the 200th 'blog entry'.
i feel very. very privileged.

i learnt something new about my delay pedal today.
it is that i have been using the wrong tempo setting.. thats why my delay things weren't in time sometimes!
instead of using the three crotchets picture, i need to use the dotted semi-quavers.
how could i be so silly. (?)

you should all be very happy and relieved about this development in the relationship between my delay pedal and i. 



wanted by the fbi

i just got a message from emma swift at fbi asking us if we'd like to go into fbi next saturday morning to plug saturday night's gig on air. of course it took about 3.7 seconds to deliberate and decide to take the offer. so if anyone's keen to be at alexandria with me at 9:15 next saturday morning, let me know.

a.p.h.i.d.5 party


excelsior in memorium

not the clearest image, i know, but when the sound guy is impressed enough to take a photo, then i think that's a reasonable indication that you're going ok. thanks to brett for the image.

i really enjoyed the show - it was great to have another bunch of completely different people to play in front of and for them to respond so positively. i was actually quite surprised after we played at the number of people who spoke to me because they'd specifically come to see us, which was rather satisfying.

for the record, our set list ended up as:

one and one
send away
for the manifesto dub
blending the edges
this is the new thing
smells like rain
nothing ventured

the excelsior was very happy with the turnout etc, and have offered us thursday august 7 to organise another gig. we need to decide whether to take it or not, though my feeling at the moment is to take everything that's offered, especially if it's reputable like the excelsior is. it would probably mean just a 3some on stage though, as neither steve nor blake will be elligible. there would be artists as well, of course.

also, i've looked up the mum page and noticed they've listed our show on the 22nd of august. it's somewhat bizarre - the two acts they've put us on with are the e.l.f., who is playing with us at dirty shirlows next week, and the medicated - the electro-goths who got shafted at paddy maguires with us on good friday. bizarre in the sense that of all the acts they could have put us with, they've chosen ones that we've already crossed paths with.


the final waltz

i've reuploaded all the mixes for the album to archive.org. i'll e-mail the address to everyone. have a download/listen and make sure everything is ok. i've brought the vocals down where appropriate etc and generally cleared up most of any muddiness. i'm pretty happy with them.

we need a track listing so i'm happy to hear suggestions. and, if you think the music is done david, the artwork. i'm still not certain of the format, inspite of all our previous discussions we never settled on anything and i'm not really sure what i think we should have. i don't want to have anything too labour intensive, but i do want an element of the hand-made. i still like the zine idea and am happy to print everything up - b/w on coloured and white paper possibly - and collate/staple etc. what do you think at the moment?


nothing ventured

i've put an mp3 of the demo for nothing ventured up on our virb site. it's the long version - i edited a version down to just over 4 minutes which is what has been played over the last couple of weeks on fbi and 2ser. obviously this is still in the development stage, but i think the foundations are all there.

david and celli, you might recognise the actual song, i've tried it in a number of guises over the years, but i'm pretty sure you'll agree that this one actually works!


thanks to last.fm

i am going to tell you what to listen to in a blog.


'the darkest side' is one of my very favourite songs at the moment.  It is by 'the middle east'.

another of my very favourite artists is tazio and boy. they are from france. and they are wonderful.
soy un caballo are from Belgium and are also currently one of my most attracting musical forces.

all readers are now obliged to recognise the greatness of these music-creators.


p.s. obviously, none of them come near to the quality of music produced by telafonica.


fluffy fishermen

so telafonica can now truly be called a multi-media act - covering everything from cutting edge electronics to downhome diy handcrafts.

if anyone is interested in buying one, please make contact - very attractive terms can be worked out!