democratise the internet my arse - only if democracy directly = capitalism!

so i just spent a heap of time transferring things across to a wordpress blog, then tried to upload music, only to find that, in order to upload music, you have to buy a bonus feature which gives you extra storage space and the ability to upload mp3s directly. costs 5 cents a day.

and to change anything in the css, you have to pay for an upgrade on that as well. an extra 4 cents a day.

i'm liking blogger more and more. i've been thinking we should maybe just use the virb site as a repository of mp3s in progress - it rarely gets viewed and doesn't receive a whole lot of attention from within the band, so, though it's public, it's secluded enough, especially if we take reference to it on this blog and myspace away, that only the real diehard might come across things (and is it such a problem to air those things publicly anyway?).


blogger vs word press

david - the cyclic defrost blog is built using wordpress. there is a function there to be able to upload audio in a post, which is something i'd really like to be able to do here with demos in progress, but can't using blogger. do you know much about wordpress? can we import our entire blog without having to start again? is it worth moving it to a different platform? or should we just wait around for blogger to add the feature and look for a workaround in the meantime?

also, is it possible to get that image from you for the blog - the old background image - or a new one? i miss the visual aspect which i enjoyed a lot before.

here's one for those who aren't allowed to walk straight.

caesar is an interesting character.
i am studying him and his 'adopted son' octavian a lot.
i now have two delay pedals.
i wrote a divine riff on the old dobro today..
too bad i cannot put that guitar through my pedals the conventional way.. those damn optimates would not allow it! lucky caesar took over. now i might be able to do it if i play loud enough.


hey mum.

telafonica on the lounge at the world bar, kings cross, august 22, 2008.

set list:
an invitation
smells like rain
blending the edges
this is the new thing
nothing ventured


something i came across and hold to.

an artist i am acquainted with referred to this quote in a piece he wrote on songwriting...

"One thing about any definition of a golden age, for me, is that it is the point where the desires of the creator are greater than the technology which is available. There comes a moment when the technology gets closer and closer to the imagination/creativity of the writer. In the end if you're not careful it overtakes and suddenly, serendipity, which before was from your own sweat and blood, comes by and says, "If I press one of these 397 buttons on this synthesizer maybe I'll get something out of it." Now at that moment, the machinery is driving the creativity and the creativity is not driving the machinery. Maybe thats where the golden age stops…."

-David Cain (BBC Radiophonic Composer 1967-73)


this looks like a remarkably cool thing to get involved with. i just found out about it now, so it might be a bit late for this month (though maybe not for those in london, time differences and all), but definitely something i think i'd like to do in future.



7 players hunh? were they fat or lean? perhaps this is a vision of the future of either a) your sports career b) telafonica c) all of the above.

Also you can make this a reality in 2 weeks too!

So I guess I'm logged back on this thing, cool.


i had a dream the other night, after learning david would be coming to sydney for a week or so - i dreamt that i went to some local park somewhere to watch football, and you happened to be there, david. you had come back from london for a week. so we hugged as a greeting, then we stood watching the football and you had your arm around my shoulder. then a group of 6 or 7 guys walked past and started having a go at us for being gay. i don't remember any of the dream after that.


the separation.

after much experimentation. and deliberation.

i have an idea. in regards to the song being talked about and worked on in the last days-weeks.

we keep the original introductory section. and drop my new one for a completely different song.
whatcha think?

the original two sections gel-led a bit better... so perhaps we can just refine those sections...?


nothing ventured / an invitation

in light nothing ventured being playlisted (and that we don't have our album/mini album hing ready yet, cough cough), i thought it might be worth fast tracking the idea to get a lathe-cut 7" together. there's a guy in new zealand named peter king who does them for all the d.i.y. folk (chris of alps fame directed me towards him). he's fully old school so doesn't even have e-mail, but some guy in america has set up a website for him (http://home.comcast.net/~cassetto/kingrates.html). because of the very strong exchange rate, it's relatively cheap and tiny runs can be done. i'm thinking that 60 7"s might be the way to go, making it so that we need to sell about half of them to cover the costs.

so i spent today finishing the mixing of both nothing ventured and an invitation. i'll send some promo cds to radio this week and get onto getting the records cut. i think the main question, blake, is an invitation going to be credited as telafonica or as lessons in time? i don't mind too much either way, though it is firmly entrenched into the telafonica consciousness these days. :)

i'm planning to screenprint the cmyk clown prints for the sleeves. if we can get it all together we can use the gig on september 24 as a launch for it.


the wonderful world of world wide web

is anyone else having trouble getting to the blog? i can't get to it via www.kindpermission.com/telafonica, or via www. telafonica.com. i only seem to be able to get in via blogger.com, in which case all our own formatting (the picture of david etc) is gone. blogger.com itself was down for maintenance yesterday - is that the problem? also, i noticed that the kindpermission.com site has had an update - has something happened with things at that end that's disrupting normal proceedings?


fbi rotation

fbi has added nothing ventured to it's c-rotation list. not exactly sure what that means other than it will get played on the radio semi-regularly for a few weeks, which is quite nice. i really need to finish the recording so they can have a proper version, rather than the demo-ish one i've given them on our gig promo cds!



so, how do we go about collating this 'zine from here? i'm happy to put it all together. it can be uploaded onto archive.org, the same place all of 4-4-2 music's netlabel releases are sored, but we'll need to actually turn all the artworks into a single zine first.