pitchfork media

pitchfork media has a pretty great (and quite extensive) article on the history and cultural impact of the mp3. click the image to read it...


belafonte paper

when we play 'the quest for love aboard the belafonte' live, bec plays the rhythms on a typewriter. we found that the sound was louder if there was a piece of paper in the typewriter for the letters to actually hit. these are some photos bec took of the sheet of paper after it had been used a bit.

i thought they might be useful for you, david, perhaps as something to utilise in the artwork for the single. if not, that's fine. if you want some higher res copies, let me know.


verge arts festival

not exactly sure about any more details, but we're definitely playing, apparently!



album titles

i've spoken with david via e-mail (sorry the conversation didn't happen on the blog - i changed a setting last week which meant that it was impossible to leave a comment, so after trying that way and not succeeding, it switched to e-mail) and everything is set to go for artwork etc. but this will mean we need to settle on a title in the next reasonably short while in order for david to have something to work with. i've been calling it love on the second stair and i still don't mind it, but it's becoming a bit like a pun which becomes less appealing the more you hear it (everyone's seen the simpsons' b-sharps episode, haven't they?). not quite that drastic, but still...

the original conversation can be found here. not sure if that's helpful, but it's definitely a starting point. options we haven't considered at all so far are titles that are not found in the lyrics (as both 'i saw this and thought of you' and 'morpheme' were).

feel free to make any suggestions david & celli - a suggestion from outside the music making might be good.

if we could maybe settle on something by the beginning of next week, then david can have something to work from.


oxford art factory

looks like the spot in sydney's nicest room will have to be postponed...

>sorry, oaf have had to pull the plug on this one at this stage.
>Thanks for being keen though.
>Will be in touch
>Mark Smithers
>Booking Assistant
>Audio Engineer


art on the second stair

i've been looking through your parc-log, david, and wondering if we could use something like some of the things you've got up there in the artwork for the new album? or even some of those actual images if they have no other home? i've been thinking that the music would work well with something psychedelic (in the vein of, say animal collective, stuff on the notnotfun label etc), but i don't really like the idea of this being particularly retro. looking through the parc- images, i think some of them could be exactly what fits the sound of the music. i'm particularly thinking of the 'there is a castle on a cloud...', 'snow globe' and 'icarus' images. all have that quality of haziness that i think this bunch of music has, but are also not retro and, in particular, are consistent with artwork from previous telafonica releases. could this be something we can pursue?


thursdays, saturdays and sundays.

so we're booked in to play august 20 at the hollywood hotel in surry hills. we're on at 9:20 for 40 mins. and also, to confirm for your diaries, we are doing radio social at the world bar on sunday, september 20.

i've also made a tentative booking at mars hill for saturday, nov 14, in order to launch the new album. is everyone free for that and happy to play? any suggestions for support bands? lessons in time? or someone outside who can bring extra audience members?

and on that note, it also means we need to have an album ready ion the night. i would ideally love to have it ready about 3 weeks beforehand so we can send out promos to radio and media. david - is that a realistic timeframe in which to get the artwork together? i would imagine, say, october 23rd-ish.


words and gigs

the ever wonderful peter hollo of utility fog/raven/fourplay fame gave us mention, not once, but twice, in a recent interview on mess + noise magazine. maybe one day we should meet him in person!

the seekae/ghoul/megastick fanfare/parades/bearhug show last night was pretty incredible - one of my favourite shows of recent memory. due to the issues of a ;lack of parking space then the extensive line on the door, we didn't get to see bearhug. but parades were great (the first time i've seen them with bec in the band), and things continued to get even better from there. it was a close thing, but megastick fanfare were my favourite of the night. their ways with odd rhythm patterns were beautiful, and i am definitely inspired to be more adventurous in the live vocal processing stakes having seen them. ghoul were better live than i had thought they would be - i love their recordings but had read their live show was more anarchic and thrown together. turns out that just means they're a bit louder than recorded, but still awesome. and seekae were as impressive as ever, especially considering it was their first live show for 6 or 7 months. their beats were tougher and crunchier than i've heard them in the past, with some very strong dubstep influences coming through. i loved the performances of all the bands on the night, so it was great to be in the room. my only regret is that we weren't on the bill. ;)


peats ridge again?

ok. so i've been in gentle debate with bec over the last day and we've come to an agreement to apply to play at peats ridge festival again, with a few provisos. the first proviso is that everyone is free to play. so, is everyone free and wanting to play? now don't just jump in and say 'yes' with gusto. eliza, you did that last year and then 4 weeks out told us you'd be in parkes on the day! i know it's not very gen y, but these things get booked 5 months out, so we need to be planned 5 months ahead.

if you wanted to look at the line-up so far (which includes sarah blasko, sherlock's daughter, ghoul, deepchild and some other great people) you can go here.


20th june, 2009

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released jun, 2009

Blake had given me a bunch of chords and some little riffs. The chords were kind of 60s garage-y type things. i'd always thought it would be fun to try and mash the 60s' definition of garage (the rock sense) with the late 90s' definition of garage (the dance sense), so basically, this was the attempt to do so. i think it has potential, though it feels a bit obvious at the moment (but then, 60s and 90s garage are both pretty obvious, straight up kinds of things).

Bec's lyrics were, as is usual, inspired by recent musings and readings. I like them quite a bit. Maybe not quite the delivery - which feels pitched maybe a semi-tone or two above my cofort range!

The actual 20th disc that the track finished up on includes the following tracks:

1. Lactose - The Love Explosion
2. Chicken Snr - Bag
3. Dropping Bombs - 44Hertz
4. Something About A Man Who Walked into the Ocean and Never came back - Something About a Leaf
5. What Are You Gonna Do? - +ko+ko+
6. And She Whined - Vlayman
7. Words - WRC
8. Scarecrow in the Melon Patch - Telafonica
9. Solar Cycle (Revolution One) - Merankorii
10. Lie Detector - The Desks
11. Regular Task - Fisheads of Fun
12. XTL - Audiotape Audiotape
13. This is not Art - 44Hertz
14. Sketches for Galactic Domestic (parts 1&2) - Ryan of Nerf