Imojjen's Review of Mars Hill Cafe, August 26, 2011

on friday night I went to see st jambience and telafonica at mars hill café. first we drove there. me and aeowy sat in the back with blake and we were all complete nutters (especially blake). when we got to the café, we all had to help unpack the car. i thought that was fun. we had to wait a while before the music started. we had paper and textas to share with all the kids that came and quite a few came. when st. jambience started, every thing quietened down. the music was great. i think it's incredible what people can do with electronics. that went for a while and then it was telafonica's turn. Before they started, heaps of the teachers from my school came to watch mum and dad because they are teachers too. i think telafonica is great because they use very unusual instruments or very strange things as instruments. like a type writer. There was a great moment, when it was an instrumental bit in a song, when ellie was dancing around with the tambourine, dad was on the drum and mum and blake were playing. My favourite songs that they played are unravelling man and sister zephyr. they sounded great really loud. when they finished, everybody was chattting while me, aeowy and telafonica packed up. i was very tired because it was getting late. Then we went home. I had a great time and I thought it was really fun!:)


one hit wonders.

so the next gig will be the counterfeit one hit wonders. i'm about to start arranging all the music - does anyone have any specific ideas they'd like for the music and how we play the songs for me to incorporate into the arrangements? we're doing lovefool, brimful of asha, 99 luft balons and electric dreams.


Underlapper - Those Six Skeletons

Free download EP from Underlapper, the second from their most excellent Softly Harboured album. Available from Bandcamp.

The Telafonica remix was mostly inspired by Actress, whose album from 2010, 'Splazsh', was one of the best electronic things of recent time (in my humble opinion!). In the end, the compressor wasn't pumped up quite as much as Actress would do it but, still, it makes its appearance as a creative effect for the first time in a Telafonica production.


deepgoa mix

i came across this dj mix today which features 'sounding it out', the old telafonica track. quite a nice laid back mix altogether.


electric dreams

this is the 4th song bec and i ended up picking for the one-hit wonders counterfeit on september 16. we decided to go for something a bit cheesy rather than something that's already cool (it was produced by georgio moroder and phil oakey had recently left the human league, so it's got a fairly good pedigree). the other three tracks we're doing are 'brimful of asha' by corenershop, 'lovefool' by the cardigans and '99 luft balons' (in german!) by nena.