2013 video diary no. 2

'the shape of what's gone'. ellie was sick so couldn't come around and play. we decided to work on something anyway. originally from the pen of rebecca.


2013 video diary - no. 1

18.1.13 from Telafonica on Vimeo.

our first meeting for musical purposes since june of 2012 saw the band begin to create new music with a new process. well, an old process but one we've never previously used. writing songs together, sitting in the same room, playing instruments. after much discussion on how to do that, and trying a bunch of things out, we finished with one chorus for a new song started by blake.


January 2013 - Adrian's Inspiration Mixtape by Adrian Elmer on Mixcloud

A bunch of tracks that I think could be useful for ideas of how to go about making music for our new songs. Many are there because I like the way they combine very disjointed things together to make cohesive music. After thinking about it for a few months, the song that does it best is actually very old - Strawberry Fields Forever. It's so familiar that it often just washes over us now. But listen to it. The lyrics are strange and don't fit. The melody is all over the shop. And the music changes completely every 15 seconds, one sound then another then another, noting ever really staying around for long. Yet it all hangs together as possibly my favourite song of all time. That's what I'd most like to achieve. From there, the rest are kind of variations on that theme, or sounds, rhythms that are odd. Some don't work melodically, but are stunning sonically. I like them all.