counterfeit ideas

so, following the rousing response to yesterday's post, i thought i'd stick up a pile of suggestions for one-hit-wonders that we might be able to cover. i won't stick up all the videos here, it will take up too much space, but i'll list a bunch of youtube links. have fun exploring them. we can pick up to 4. i'm sure others have suggestions, too, so start listing...


that'll do for now!!!!

(p.s. 1.8.11 - sorry, i forgot to include this all time classic...



the next counterfeit is on september 16 and is devoted to one hit wonders. any takers?


tanya voges

last week, a choreographer named tanya voges contacted me about telafonica doing some collaboration with her. she was put onto us via kiri morecombe at blacktown arts centre, who is organising the show there on november 26, as a possibility of doing something with dance for our performance. so i've had a few brief facebook discussions with tanya since then.

today, tanya asked if we might be interested in doing something musical as part of some performances she is doing at newtown theatre as part of a festival there in november. her performances will be over the weekend of november 18-20. i have to say, i would absolutely love to do something for it - playing in art venues to an audience expecting challenge would be wonderful. and we could then double up whatever we do there at blacktown arts centre as well, so it wouldn't theoretically involve more work to prepare than we would have been doing anyway.

anyway, tanya's website is here - http://tanyavoges.wordpress.com/gallery/ and here's a recent clip (she's currently at bundanon (the house in the southern highlands that boyd family owned that has now become an artist retreat) of some of her work.


rehearsal / learning

when shall we rehearse for next friday's gig? do we want to learn another new song before having a set rehearsal (heartbeatings for those with heartbeats)? that would involve 2 more gatherings, though we do have (almost) 2 weeks to fit them in.

i'm free mondays and thursdays, plus this wednesday and this friday. weekends are an option, too, if we can't find a weeknight.



a friend you may remember, lachlan (he runs the improv thing i play with sometimes and we've played a few things he's asked us to play at, including our fist deja gig) has asked if we would like to play at an event he's organising called sonichimæra. it will most likely be on saturday, september 3. everyone keen?

i also got marcus whale's scissor lock remix of viceroy last night - i'll e-mail it to everyone. it's very different to the option command one (which is good) and very much in the vein of scissor lock's music (which is also good!). hopefully the first remix e.p. of viceroy remixes might come out by the end of the week.


credits and lyrics

i think i may have finished the mixing for sleeping with the fishermen. i'll get copies out so that people can make any final observations for adjustments they'd like made. in the meantime, we also need to round up all the lyrics and any credits people would like included. sooo.....

can i get all the lyric writers to post the lyrics for their songs exactly as they should be written, so that i don't make any mistakes with them. and also, if there is any information that people would like included, post that as well. i know that, on the last album, we credited all the guest musicians, designer, printer etc etc, but forgot to include any reference to the names of the band members! so oversights like that would be more easily avoided if everyone thinks.